Brotherly Love

As much as I like to say that Ravi gets along with his new little brother, Max, as well as I imagined, it simply isn’t true.  The fact is, Ravi is having a hard time letting go being the only child in the family.  Lot of times he is jealous of his little brother, who has taken much of our attention away from him.  If I’m home without Mario and had to feed Max, he would throw himself onto the floor and cry endlessly, or request to have things given to him that I am not able to at the time.  I’m often forced to leave him crying while I finish feeding Max, and feeling guilty doing so.  What alternative do I have?  Ravi has to get used to his new brother as much as I have to get used to the idea that he is no longer the only child in my life.  However, I do believe Ravi likes his brother.  There are times when Ravi does show interest in his brother, those are the sweetest moments, and they give me hope that when we finally meld together life will be wonderful.


Max, You Are 3 Months Old Today!

Dear Max,

You are 3 months old today! Wow, I can’t believe we made it through another month. You have grown so much in such a short time and I am so proud of you.

You are able to support your head.  This has changed the way you look at the world.  You no longer like to be held horizontally, but you can’t quit hold up your head for a very long time.  So sometimes you would cry out of frustration.  Nevertheless, you are always excited to look around  with your curious eyes.

You just went through a major growth spurt.  For about four days, you were hungrier than usual.  I had to feed you every hour to two hours, and you still complained like you were still hungry.  This feeding schedule continued through at nights too, which made it very hard for anyone to get much sleep.  You used to be fed 3 times a night, with the longest break in-between being 4.5 hours.  Suddenly I was up every other hour.  I am thankful last night you went back to 3 feedings, but I had to hold you while you sleep after 5AM.   This morning when I changed your cloth, I realized that your 3-6 months cloth are now just the right size.  I imaging in a week or two, you would need to wear a size bigger!

You are still afraid of car rides.  Almost every time we take you out, you would cry uncontrollably.  It breaks my heart to hear you like that and being helpless to comfort you.  So these days, I am content to stay at home unless I have no other choice.

You enjoy “talking” to mommy.  When you are in a good mood, you would talk to mommy in your own language.  You say “a-goo”, “a-poo”, “a-boo”…etc.  And mommy repeat them back to you and that makes you laugh.

You smile spontaneously and squeal in delight.  You show how much you enjoy hanging out with mommy with your smile and laugh.

Most importantly, you met your cousins for the first time.  You enjoy playing with them so much that the sight of them always brings a smile to your face.

My darling Max, mommy will be going back to work in a week or so.  I will miss being around you all the time and I hope you will miss me too.  In the last three months, you and I have lived in a world of our own, and I am sad to leave it and think that soon your well-being will depend on someone else.  But I know you will be okay.  You will grow big and strong, and mommy will always be there to watch over you.






Jo Reads to Max

The cousins are here! It is absolutely wonderful to see cousins Do and Jo play with Ravi and Max.  One morning I walked in while Do and Jo were hanging out with two months old Max. Jo was reading Eric Carle’s “Very Hungry Caterpillar”, and I couldn’t believe that Max was so entertained by book reading at such a young age.  Ravi wasn’t interested in reading till he was over one year old. What lovely moments! I wish times like these can last forever.

Max Raises His Head

At two and a half months of age, Max can already support his head with his neck. This means he can occasionally be held upright without a hand to keep his head from falling to the side. I checked my old diary from Ravi days, he was able to do this only after three months of age. So Max is slightly ahead in this aspect than his older brother! I am delighted, since this means I can put him into chairs soon and play with him in so many more ways!



Ravi, You Are 28 Months Old Today!

Dear Ravi,

You are 28 months old today! It feels like you just turned two, and suddenly four months have passed. Each day you are becoming more capable and it makes mommy so very proud to watch you grow.

The biggest change in you this month is your new habits toward food. For a very long time you refused to eat. Even when you do eat a decent size meal, it just meant that you would eat a lot less the next day or meal. You also refused to eat vegetables or fruits, so going to bathroom can sometimes be a problem. For the last month, your grandparents and I focused our attention on your food and we are happy to report that we have improved your appetite significantly. Each morning, grandma would make you a fruit smoothie by blending plain yogurt and various fresh fruits (including apple, mango, pear, kiwi, banana…etc) together. You now drink half to a full glass of it each morning. That with a some bits of a toast, you are ready for school. For dinner, we make sure we always cook something that you can eat. Your dad or I began by spoon feeding you, but lately we are beginning to let you use your own hands for finger foods. You even enjoy more exotic dishes like curries. I am so pleased that you are willing to try new things. For several weeks now we have been trying to feed you blueberries and you refused. Couple of days ago, we went down to the backyard to pick the couple of blueberry from our own bushes with your cousin Jo. She immediately took one and put into her mouth and said: “oh, so tasty!” Amazingly, you immediately took one too and put into your mouth, then another, and another… Within a minute you two finished all the blueberries we picked and still wanted more. Remembering the box of blueberries we got at home, I took both of you home and washed up a big bowl for you both to enjoy. You two ate so much that you didn’t even finish lunch! But I was so happy that you finally found out you like blueberries.

You have so much fun hanging out with your cousins Do and Jo. Their family came to visit us for a few weeks and having them here and playing with you day and night have been so much fun for you. You enjoy trips to the local parks and beaches so much more now that you can play with them and they adore you so much!

You’ve shown much determination in achieving your goals. You love boxed juice packs. Couple of days ago you wanted one right before lunch and I refused you. You then went to daddy, then auntie, then cousins, then grandma…etc. No one would open it for you. So you sat down and proceeded to open it for yourself. Sure, you’ve seen me do it hundreds of times, but you never actually get down to opening the straw from its wrapper and poke it into the box. But you never gave up, you sat there tried and tried, and finally you got it! I was really proud of you, but worried the days of saying “no” to you is over, now that you can do so much on your own.

Last night when I put you into your new pajamas, you looked absolutely adorable with your big head and skinny body, giggling while running through the living room after your cousins. I thought to myself, these are the moments I live for, these are the happiest of them all, these I will treasure forever.