Max’s 6 Months and Ravi’s 31 Months Check Ups

Last Monday, Mario and I took both Max and Ravi to their pediatrician for a check up.  It was a regular scheduled check up for Max, but since we were so concerned with Ravi’s weight gain, we added him in for a special check up.

Max measured 14lbs and 8.6 oz in weight and 27.1 inches in height.  Translated into percentiles, that is 5.5% in weight and 50.2% in height.  While his height has been hovering around 50% since birth, his weight has taken a dive to “Ravi level”.  Up to his 4 months check up, he had been around 20%-ish in weight.  We were thinking that’s where he should be since he is an Asian baby.  However, over the span of two months, he gained only 1 lb rather than 2 lbs compared to his peers.  I am particularly concerned since the major changes since his 4 months check up where: 1) I went back to work so he began drinking breastmilk from bottles (don’t forget he stopped taking bottles when he went to daycare three weeks ago), and 2) he started solid foods.  Mario is not so concerned.  He believes if Max looks health and happy he should be fine.  Of course I have a hard time accepting that.  In the last week, I have been thinking over and over again how I can get some more calories into Max’s diet.  With his pediatrician’s consent, I have decided to give him a yoguart a day.  I guess we’ll see if his weight recovers by the 9 months check up.

Ravi measured 26 lbs and 36 inches, that is 7.9% in weight and 42% in height.  Surprisingly, his weight is slowly recovering!  He measured 6.8% at 24 months check up and 5.8% at 18 months check up.  My mom has been obsessed with Ravi’s weight forever, and she’s been trying to cook different foods for Ravi so he would eat more. Recently, we took Ravi to see a Chinese doctor.  Even though Ravi refused to drink the herbal medicine, we did have the doctor message his pressure points.  The doctor said that he should be eating more, and he did!  I would never have believed it, but from that day on he ate his meals!  Mind you, not big meals, but he never skipped a meal like he used to.

Overall, there were good news and not so good news from this check up.  I am glad we made another milestone.  I am looking forward to start new foods for both Ravi and Max and hope to see good results in a few months.  A mother’s work is never done.


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It was a Saturday morning.  I simply rolled out a couple of blankets onto the floor and poured toys over it for Max to play with.  I was surprised that it became a magnet for Ravi.  He loved to roll around on the blankets and occasionally take interest in his brother. The magic lasted but a few minutes and I was lucky enough to capture it.

Ravi wispering: "Little Max, I have a little secret to tell you..."

"Okay, we can pause our conversation for just ONE picture, mommy!"


Max, You Are 6 Months Old Today!

My dear Max,

You are 6 months old today!  Time went by at snail’s pace, each day felt long and I wished everyday we could get there sooner, and suddenly we have finally arrived!  You are 6 months old now!  I am so proud that both of us made it this far. 

The biggest thing that happened in the last month was that we finally said goodbye to nanny and enrolled you into daycare.  Mommy and daddy firmly believed that attending daycare will be the best thing for you, just like it was for Ravi.  You would have so much fun with your new friends, adapt to a sleeping and eating schedule, and when you finally come home at the end of the day you will be loved so much by mommy and daddy.  Last Monday (October 10th) was your first day at daycare, unfortunately you didn’t adapt to your new environment well.  You refused to take the bottle, even though nanny used to give you at least one each day.  Now you pretend you don’t know what a bottle is.  So after trying for two days, your caregivers decided to spoon feed you milk instead.  To make up the calory delta, we’ve also added three meals of solids to your diet.  Another thing that made me worry is that you nap much much less at the day care.  For the last six days, you averaged one hour of total nap time per day, that’s so little compared to the three to four hours you normally nap at home!  My heart aches when I see your little face looking so tired all the time.  Mommy is so worried about you, but mommy knows that I have to allow time for you to adapt.  Mommy has to believe that someday soon you will do okay.  So please, Max, get better soon.

Since nanny is gone, mommy has been sleeping with you at night.  Initally you slept poorly, stirred every half an hour or less through out the night, which forced mommy to get up and rock you back to sleep a dozen times each night.  Slowly you got used to mommy and began to sleep longer periods.  Now mommy only have to attend to you handful of times.  It is still not much sleep but mommy is very thankful that you are trying your best.

You are able to turn onto your tummy both ways now, and with such speed!  Sometimes when I turn my head back from looking away for a few seconds, I would find you already turned onto your tummy.  You would get upset when your arm gets caught underneath yourself, but most of time you just enjoy practice turning.  You even “practice” turning during your sleep, resulting in waking yourself up and crying.

Your motor skill has improved significantly too during the past month.  Now you can pick up toys and play with them.  You still can’t keep them in your hands for too long and constantly dropping them onto the floor.  You enjoy touching things with your hand, explore new textures, and you love to caress mommy’s face.

This morning when I put you into your car seat, I was so surprised at how snug you fit into it.  I remember you being so tiny before compared to the seat and you would cry so much when riding in the car.   Max, it is going to be you and me for the road ahead, and I couldn’t be happier with this arrangement.




Nanny No More!

By the third week after Ravi was born, we got him a full time nanny.  Mario and I didn’t think raising an infant could be so hard, but we weren’t talking about just any infant, we were talking about Ravi.  That kid didn’t sleep at night, cried non-stop if not walked and rocked and shaked all at the same time till the sun comes up.  He also wanted to be carried all day long, else he would scream and that is only an warning.  It took three weeks for him to break Mario and I.  With blood shot eyes and aching backs, we finally made a mature decision and surrendered.  Hiring a nanny at that time was the best thing we could have done. 

Fast forward to this year.  Knowing that apples don’t fall far from the tree, we hired a nanny for Max immediately after he was born.  Again, it was the best thing we could have done since Max didn’t sleep at night either, and with two kids and a husband going to school after work, there was no way I could survive without help. 

So for five and half months, nanny took care of Max while I focused my attention on Ravi, who didn’t adjust to having a brother well.  She was a great help during the time I desperately needed it.  She took care of Max around the clock and even did some house work during his naps.  But every time I hear Max cry, I held myself back and I wondered if he wanted me rather than the nanny.  But I got Ravi in my arms and knew that he would scream the second I pick up his brother.  So I let nanny carry Max away.  For five and half months, I felt guilty for not able to fill my obligations to Max.  For those that never experienced it, I got to say it was a horrible feeling and it chewed my insides every second.  It consumed my mind!  All I could think about all day and everyday was how I could get ride of the nanny and survive on my own.  Finally, when Max turned five months old, Mario and I both agreed that it is time to take him back.  So on the first day that a spot opened up at Ravi’s daycare, we let nanny go and enrolled Max! 

Nanny is not here anymore.  She has been gone for a week now.  But somehow it feels like she never existed here in our house.  I am happy to say that we are all doing just fine without her.  I think about her some times, I hope she had found another job.  I am thankful for all she has done for us, but it is time to move onto the next chapter in our lives.


Self Portrait, with Max

Those that are close to me know that I don’t like to take pictures.  Mostly because I am always caught looking my worst on film, with the wrong angles showing off my extra wide cheeks.  And NO!  I don’t have low self esteem.  I just don’t like my pictures taken.  So over the years, I’ve become the picture taker to avoid being in front of the camera.

After Ravi was born, I wanted to change that about myself.  I wanted pictures to capture me and him together, so someday he would remember all the time we’ve spent together.  However, I still don’t like my pictures taken.  So to overcome it, I began to take my own pictures.  At least this way I can have better control and delete the picture if I don’t like it.  I simply hold my point-n-shoot camera at arm’s length, and click!

Last weekend I took this picture of Maxie and me.  It is one of the first ones I liked.  Hope you would like it too.

Maxie and Me