Max, You Are 7 Months Old Today!

My dear Max,

You are 7 months old today!  In this past month, you and mommy had a chance to truly bond, as mommy has been your primary caretaker (aside from daycare) since we let go of the nanny six weeks ago.  I had doubts with my ability and capacity to fulfill your demands, but I am happy to say you have thrived with mommy.  Mommy can’t be prouder of how wonderful of a baby you have become.

You still don’t drink from bottles at daycare, even though the nice ladies there had tried various methods.  Mommy is guessing that you think of milk as something exclusive between you and mommy and no one can replace that.  The good thing is you eat everything else that they feed you.  I heard they mix mommy’s milk with rice cereal and other solids, then feed a big bowl to you at each meal, and you eat it all!  The fact that you eat big meals just boggled my mind, because  I could never get you to eat all your solids during the weekend.  Again, I believe you think of mommy as your milk bank exclusively, so it is unnatural for you to take anything else from mommy.   We will definitely have to get daddy to start feeding you meals from this point on.

At night, your sleeping habits have not improved much.  Some nights are better than others, but most of the nights you wake up 4 or 5 times.  In general, mommy can simply nurse you back to sleep.  Every once in a while mommy has to get up and rock you back to sleep.  During the last week, you woke up middle of the night, played by yourself till you were tired, and then sucked on mommy’s nipples till you fell asleep again.  The whole process no longer required intervention from mommy!  That’s definitely a step in the right direction!  You are also napping much better and longer, both at home and at daycare, which is a major relief for mommy.

You are able to move… backwards.  You got strong arms and legs that can left your tummy off the ground.  Unfortunately, you have not quit figured out how to move forward yet.  All you can do now is pushing with your arms which results in moving your body backwards.  But don’t you worry, this is definitely the first step in crawling.  Mommy can’t wait to see you move forward soon. You also can sit with a little assistance. Mommy and Daddy have propped you up to play with sitting toys and you’ve had lots of fun; you still need the toy to support yourself, but independent sitting should happen next month.

You are also very patient and laid-back with Mommy. In the morning I put you in the swing and you’re content to let Mommy get breakfast ready for the whole household. In the afternoons, you’re fairly content to just hang out with Ravi and Daddy and play games. You rarely cry out of impatience or fussiness, and when you do there is always a good reason. Mommy loves this! Mommy has never had it this good.

Max, you make me love you more and more each day.  You bewitched me with that magic look of your eyes, and you conjure spells with a single touch of your hands.  You make mommy fall in love with you more deeply and fully each day.  Mommy cherishes each and every day spent with you and hope that these moments I have with you will last forever.



Skinny Happy Baby

One thing Max has in common with Ravi is that he also doesn’t like to eat… at least not when I try to feed him.  Funny enough the ladies at the daycare keep telling me what a great eater he is.  I wouldn’t know; he never dazzles me with his great eating ability EVER!

One Sunday morning while I was getting frustrated at him for not eating his sweet potato, he flashed me one of his biggest and brightest smiles.  After that moment, I couldn’t be mad at him anymore.

That kid’s got my number!  I am beginning to understand that I will be losing lots of negotiations with this kid in the future.  Oh well, at least it is better to have a happy skinny baby than an unhappy fat baby.



To milk or not to milk…

To milk or not to milk, that is the question:

We have an interesting dynamic playing out in our house right now. Baby Max has just transitioned to a daycare facility, where he’s having trouble drinking milk. He only likes to be breastfed and refuses to drink milk from the bottle. It’s not that he’s against food; it’s far from that. He loves to eat solids at least twice to three times a day. These include a number of mashed fruits and rice cereal. He loves to be breastfed. He just doesn’t like the bottle. He’ll also gobble up his solid meals. These days he gets more nutrition from solids than from breast milk. In fact, he’s drinking a lot less breast milk than Mommy is producing.  So much less, that the nannies at the daycare facility spoon feed him breast milk. Otherwise the milk will start piling up in the freezer.

On the other hand, our older boy loves his bottle of milk. Whenever he’s hungry, he’ll ask for a bottle of milk. ‘Daddy I want milk. Daddy I want milk. Daddy I want milk…’ and on and on. If I don’t give it he’ll try plying a bottle from Mommy or Apa (grand-pa). If he’s really hungry and desperate he’ll even go to Mom (grand-ma), which is saying something since she’s the last one to break in and give him milk. He’ll refuse dinner, lunch, breakfast, you name it, in pursuit of milk. The only things better than milk are chocolate milk and chocolate. (Notice the theme- chocolate or milk or both). This has become so much of an issue that he’s suffered constipation a couple of times and we’ve had to give him a suppository to help his bowel movements. We keep telling him he needs other things in his diet or he’ll have pooping issues, but that only lasts for a day or two before he goes back to his all milk diet.

Which bring me back to the interesting moment in our lives. Somewhere, somehow we have a two year old who should be eating up a storm of different foods only wanting milk. And we have a six month old who should be mainly drinking milk eating everything else under the sun! Somebody should have told them that they’re not behaving their age. My wife tells me that it’s my responsibility to help them understand what they should and should not do at their age. I told her, ‘but honey, when have you ever seen me act my age?’



Ravi’s Halloween

People normally post their Halloween pictures that day or at most one day later.  I am not one of those people, I never wanted to be popular.  This post is late.  Way late!  But that’s okay, because I am going to make being late fashionable.  Just watch me!

Unfortunate for Ravi, that his first Halloween’s trick or treating experience falls on the same night as his daddy’s school night.  I realized this months ago and felt my heart sank.  I pleaded with Mario to skip his class just this one time, but he didn’t budge.  With Max being only six months old and need constant attention, I couldn’t go trick or treating with Ravi even if I really wanted to.  So about a month before this big night, I hired Ravi’s male teacher to cover for his daddy that night.  Good thing he was free and doesn’t have any kids of his own, he accepted my request and showed up.  That’s more I can say for some other individual!  (just joking!)

That night, after shoving some food down Ravi’s throat, we began to get ready for the big event.  Getting Ravi dressed was more difficult than we anticipated.  We pleaded and bribed, but Ravi just cried.  Eventually his teacher exercised his authority and put it on for him.  After half an hour of struggle, we finally got him ready and push him out the door!  We thought, he will be back in twenty minutes.

We waited and waited.  Mom passed out candies to kids who came knocking on our door, while I ran to Max when he woke every 15 minutes.  It must be at least an hour and half later, Ravi finally came home.  The smile on his face stretched out a mile wide!  He couldn’t wait to show us his cool collection of candies!  

 According to his teacher, as soon as he realized that people gave him candies for knocking on their door, he couldn’t stop smiling.  When they told him to pick one candy, he smiled to them and got two!  He even walked the whole two and a half blocks by himself, without any complain!

Later that night, Ravi rested his feet while watched his favorite shows and ate candies.  He had forgotten all about the crying earlier.  I didn’t stop him from eating candies.  I just watched him quietly, and hoped that he would remember this night fondly for a long time.  

I love you, my beautiful prince.


Gummy Bears

A while back when we first let the nanny go and sent Max to daycare, Ravi broke out in a fever and it lasted for six long days.  I took those days off from work to care for him.  When the fever finally subsided, he broke out in a rash and it was a trip to the emergency room late at night.

Life was tough for two weeks, not to mention that Ravi started crying again when I dropped him off at daycare.  Sometimes his teachers tell me that he even cried during the day because “he missed mommy.”  My heart was broken.  I didn’t think I could handle it anymore.  But onward we went and things did get better.

Sometime during those two difficult weeks, I started a new tradition.  Everyday I would pick up a small 2oz bag of gummy candies from a local store.  At the end of each day when I come to pick up Ravi, he would run to me knowing that there’s a little treat just for him in my pocket.  I would kiss him and tell him how much I missed him.  Every once in a while, we would open it in front of his friends and pass them around, but most of time we just keep it a secret between ourselves.  We would rush to wash our hands and open the bag to share.

Ravi hasn’t cried at daycare since then.