Max You Are Nine Months Old Today!

My dear Max,

It is amazing what one month can make. For myself, I don’t think anything changed at all. I still work at the same job I did last month, weigh about the same, and I don’t think I learned anything new. In fact, I might have forgotten a bit of stuff that I learned over the years. But for you, this was a very momentous month. Lots has happened and lots has changed.

You now have five teeth! In one month four teeth popped out! That is simply amazing. It must have been a pretty painful month for you. What is more amazing is you haven’t been very cranky. With four teeth coming out, we expected you to put up a pretty big fuss, but that hasn’t happened. You haven’t been your incredibly cheery self, but you’ve handled the four teeth with aplomb. You have a very sunny disposition and this trying month showed both Mommy and myself how nice of a baby you are.

The side effect of having all those new teeth is an insatiable urge for you to chew anything that you can get your hands on.  Particularly, you have fund some of wooden toys very “taste.”  Sometimes when we finally pull these toys away from your mouth, we would find part of the paint missing.  This has cause great concern from me and your mommy, but this doesn’t not seem to effect you at all.  When our heads turned to a different direction, you often make a get away toward the wooden toy  bin for more of those tasty treats!

You can now pull yourself up! This walking thing seems to be happening pretty fast. Last month you were barely able to crawl; now you can easily crawl all over the place and you’re getting pretty good at standing. Within the next couple of months I definitely see a lot of falling, but also the possibility of cruising. Then Mommy will have to be extra vigilant as you start getting yourself into trouble. As it stands we don’t have to worry much, but that will change pretty soon. You’ve also started to climb stairs. First it was just one or two at grandpa’s house, but we’ve also seen you make it up five at a time. We usually stop you at that point because while you can get up you can’t get down! And we’ve got some pretty tall staircases at our house. It’s probably safe to say we won’t let you on them for quite a while.

You have started eating adult food. The last couple of months has been mostly fruit puree and cereal, but you’ve started to want to try grown up food. You’ve had radish, bread, fruit shake, and other small stuff. What is really funny is the face you make when you try something new. It’s this scrunched up sour puss face that looks like your truly disgusted with whatever we’re offering you, but you always ask for more so we’ve come to ignore it. The face usually doesn’t last long (maybe two or three bites), but it’s always there with something new.

You now love and look for Mommy. It used to be anyone could hold you, and when Mommy got tired we would take turns. Not so much now. Now it’s Mommy or no one. Which is wonderful in one sense (you really want Mommy), but also scary in another sense. Now Mommy has nowhere to hide!

You’ve started saying words. They’re still the basic ma, da, ba sounds, but you have expanded your vocabulary past just goo goo sounds. We’ll see how you do over the next months, but Daddy can’t wait until you start calling for me. Actually, neither can Mommy!

It was indeed an amazing month!  It is like you saved up all these wonderful surprises and give them to mommy and me all at once!  That was the best holiday gifts for us, and with you, our lives are happier than ever.