Max, You Are 10 Months Old Today!

My dear Max,

You’ve turned 10 months old today!  What an amazing journey we’ve had to get to this point!

Two days after you turned 9 months old, your got your sixth teeth!  That was just so unbelievable!  You pretty much grew five teeth within one month.  The pain that you must have suffered and unable to communicate to me.

Unfortunately, the rest of month was even more painful to you.  At beginning of the month, you suddenly had a high fever of 100 degree C.  For three nights straight you couldn’t sleep.  You woke up so often that the most mommy ever slept in those nights were in 20 minutes stretches.  It was hard getting through those nights.  You couldn’t breath through your nose, so mommy couldn’t nurse you back to sleep.  So often in the night, mommy would pick you up when you cry while half asleep.  Mommy tried to rock you, but you would cry; mommy tried to carry your head on her shoulder, but you would cry.  You would cry when mommy sits down or stops walking… There were so much crying and mommy and daddy were so worried about you.  At one point your nose was so dry that you even had a nosebleed! A couple of days after you finally recovered, mommy got sick, then daddy, then Ravi.  A week later when we visited your pediatrician, we found out you had an ear infection, that explained why you constantly scratched your ear.  A few days after that, you had your second round of fever and it went up to 102 degrees for 3 days!  Mommy and daddy took two days off from work to care for you.  When your temperature came back down, mommy and daddy also experienced another round of really nasty illness too.  And wait, it is not over.  A couple days after that, you, Ravi, and mommy all started to sneeze and cough.  Here we are at the end of the month, all of our family is still sick and wish this cold and flu season will be over soon.

Beginning of this year, mommy and daddy decided to better our lives by upgrading our health insurance to PPO.  This meant we now have the option of choosing a pediatrician from thousands of candidates.  We eventually decided on one from UCLA Medical Center.  It is far from home, but we thought it was worth the effort.  You had your first appointment with him a few weeks ago, right after your first round of illness.  You measured 2 percentile in weight and 20 percentile in height.  Let’s just say mommy was shocked that you were so skinny.  Of course you didn’t eat anything other than breast milk while you were sick, but 2 percentile is even below Ravi’s weight when he was your age.  Did I mention that the nurse weighed you in a wet diaper (because mommy forgot to bring the diaper bag to the appointment)? Mommy is scared to think what your weight is now that you went through two more runs of illness and not eating any solids for days.  While driving home from the restaurant today, mommy asked daddy: “why can’t we raise fat babies?”  Daddy just silently shakes his head.  “It is not in our cards…”

Even with this month-long dose of illnesses, we have been overjoyed with how well you are growing. We have now taken you out to restaurants three times! You have stopped the incessant crying in the car and we can all enjoy a meal out as a family. You love to eat what mommy and daddy are eating (unlike your older brother). We had Peking style duck and bbq pork today for lunch; you had Chinese rice noodle. More important than what we had is that we had it as a family. We are very happy with how you are growing up and your sunny disposition. Ravi and daddy can’t wait to include you in their games. We have plans to take you to the zoo and amusement parks in the next few months. All the fun should start happening very soon!



Mommy and Daddy.