Max, You Are 11 Months Old Today!

Dear Max,

You are 11 months old today!

You have become so big and capable!  Life has not been easy for you in the last month.  You have overcome months of cold and flu, teething, separation from people you love and relied on…etc.  Yet, you thrived!  Mommy and daddy are so proud of you.

At the beginning of the month, you were hit by some very unfortunate news.  Your favorite teacher at school, Norma, fell and broke her collar bone and was ordered by her doctor to stay home for six weeks!  That’s the lady that you loved!  You were her shadow and she carried you everywhere.  You would even pick her over daddy sometimes!  She is the only person that you would take a bottle from.  Six weeks is like an eternity!  Mommy was very worried that you would not be able to survive school without Norma.  To mommy’s surprise, after a few days, you adjusted fine without her.  You even took bottles from other teachers.   But we know you missed Norma, and we are counting down the weeks till Norma comes back and sees you again.

Just when we thought our three week long flu marked the end of cold and flu season, we were hit by yet another cold.  Your temperature went up to 100 plus degrees and you couldn’t breathe through your nose.  Night time was particularly bad because you would awaken from discomfort every few minutes and cry.  For a few days, you were sent home from day care because your temperature was noticeably higher than normal.  Those were some difficult days, but mommy and you got through them together.  Now let’s hope that’s really the end of the cold and flu season.

You are able to play by yourself for ten minutes at a time, but often lot longer when you are in good health.  You crawl everywhere and cruise when you can hold onto things.  We are now worried about you getting into the toilet, or pulling out mommy’s heavy pots and pans in the kitchen.  But you love to go from one end of the living area to the other end and play along the way.  You are doing so well!  You have a natural curiosity to you that just shines when you are on your little knees.  Your daddy and mommy can only imagine what sort of troubles you will get into when you start walking.

You are now able to get onto and off your own bed.  The intent of our “queen size mattress on the floor” sleeping arrangement is to promote your freedom to move about your own room.  Last weekend we spent it at grandma’s house where you also have a mattress shared with mommy.  You couldn’t fall asleep so you crawl down the mattress, into the closet were a light was on, opened boxes, closed boxes, move things around, bang things around, realized that mommy was more than ten feet away, hurry back onto the bed, then realized you missed your stuff and repeat the whole cycle again.  Unfortunately mommy somehow fell asleep, but when she woke, she found you sleeping soundly beside her, and she couldn’t be prouder.

My dear Maxie, after raising your brother Ravi, it was very difficult to imagine that we could love another human being as much.  But we love you so much more than we imagined!  We want to kiss you every moment of the day; we always look at you with such pride.  You are such a cool little baby and we can’t wait to see all the great things you will do.


Mommy and Daddy.