Max, You Are 1 Year Old Today!

Dear Max,

You have finally turned 1 year old!

This is the day that mommy and daddy have been waiting for with great anticipation. As if this would be the turning point of your life, that suddenly you will be magically transformed into a capable toddler, and all of our lives will become something even more wonderful. Mommy’s got to confess that both mommy and daddy felt incapable of handling our hectic lives during your first year of life. The anticipation of you becoming one kept mommy and daddy going when time got tough, hoping and thinking that our heads will finally be above water and we will begin to enjoy our lives again.

To celebrate your big day, our family went on a Disney cruise to Mexican Riviera. Mommy and daddy planned it back when you were only 4 months old, and it became a symbol of that great moment when you will finally turn one. What a wonderful time we had! Even though it was hard work taking care of you and your brother for seven days and nights straight, we all enjoyed this vacation tremendously. You particular so, because you got mommy to hold you the entire week! No daycare ladies to snatch you away! We took hundreds of pictures and enjoyed dozens of gourmet meals. The cruise was everything mommy and daddy hoped it would be and more. When we sang your happy birthday song on board, we breathed a sigh of relief that the wait is now finally over. You are now one!

You can now walk! Two days before we boarded the cruise ship, you took 4 steps all on your own! That was the first time mommy and daddy saw you walk. You have been cruising since 8 months of age, but you showed no sign of wanting to take any step on your own. Imagine mommy’s surprise when you finally did take your steps toward the objects that you are forbidden from touching!

You have got no new teeth. You got your first tooth during your seventh month, five additional ones during your eighth month. Since then, you have gotten nothing. You drool like Niagara Falls, leading us to believe that you’ll have new teeth any day now. In fact, we blame all your fussiness on teething. But till this day, still nothing. Mommy feels like crying wolf whenever she tries to convinced daddy that she saw a tooth in your mouth.

Even though we can’t take trips to foreign countries yet, one small step forward is being able to take you and your brother to a restaurant during the weekends. This used to be an impossible task when you were younger. We used to take turns holding you during meal time, because you would cry relentlessly when we tried to put you down. We only take you to one restaurant, because it is big and we never have to wait in line; we only take you there after 1PM, because even less guests are there so we can let your brother run loose and play games among the tables of chairs while mommy and daddy wolf down our food. This restaurant is called Mission 261, located in Alhambra Mission area. Your daddy insists on ordering their Peking style duck and fried rice every single time, which I agree, are fabulous. So for the last month or so, we have gone there every weekend without fail. We even got a system down to incorporate taking bites of our food while feeding bites to you.

So if you ask me, now that Max is one, is this life everything you’ve hoped for? I would answer yes! For the first time in three years, we were able to take a trip to more than 50 miles away from our home and enjoyed ourselves. We were able to go out to a restaurant we really like as a family and actually eat a good meal. We would never expect to enjoy these experiences the same way compared to before you and your brother were borne, but we would never choose those over having you two in our lives. During an adult only dinner on the cruise when we selfishly checked you two into daycare, we looked into each other’s eyes and felt our lives full to the brim of love and happiness and we missed not having you there with us. Your mommy and daddy have so many plans; we want to show you the world and share with you many experiences. We can’t wait till the four of us can begin our family adventures to discover the world. With the four of us together, our lives will finally begin.

Mommy and Daddy.