Max, You Are 13 Months Old Today!

Dear Max,

Today you turned 13 months old!  Turning one was indeed a major developmental milestone for you, as it kick started a whole slew of physical changes in you that has affected you and our whole family.  Everyday mommy and daddy watch over your progress and can’t help but be proud of what you’ve accomplished.

You are now walking like a pro!  You started to take 3 or 4 steps at a time a week before you turned one, then you never looked back.  Seems like every day you push yourself further.  5 steps, 6 steps, walking a whole circle without falling, 20 steps, 30 steps… You fall, you get up; you go and you never stop going.  A week ago your steps were still very mechanical, like you stump your feet on every step.  But today, your steps are smoother and quicker, like you have been doing it forever.  It is incredible to watch you and feel your fighting spirit.

The down side to your obsession with walking is that your anxiety is troubling you even in your sleep.  Since a month ago, you have turned into a light sleeper.  To ensure you sleep at least 10 minutes on your own, mommy would have to sleep with you for at least an hour and a half!  Even then it is likely that you would wake up in a few minutes.  There were times when mommy tried all the tricks on her bag to put you back to sleep but nothing seemed to work.  You would cry and get frustrated, that makes mommy feel like crying too as she felt helpless in easing your trouble.  Those weeks seemed so hard and endless.   Unexpectedly one night, you fussed and you cried for a few minutes after you woke up, then you fall down into the bed and drifted back to sleep!  It was a miracle!  From that night on, you were able to fall asleep on your own some of the times.  It is not perfect but a beautiful beginning.  You have no idea how much hope and happiness this brings to our heart!

You are no longer content with just walking; your new ambition is to conquer the stairs, backwards or forward, big or small. Even though you are a petite baby, you have your heart set on walking the stairs like the rest of us.  Did you notice that your legs are still short?  In fact, the length from your feet to your knee is shorter than the height of a step.  But you don’t let these minor details stop you.  Every chance you get, you “walk” the stairs.  Mommy and daddy force our help onto you, afraid that you might fall and hurt yourself.

You have such attention to detail.  You know the trigger point to open the child gate, even though you don’t have enough strength to operate it.

You finally got new teeth!  After a 4 months of hiatus, two new teeth finally showed up on the bottom of your mouth.  You took this opportunity to ban your regular puree food.  There were three days straight you came home without eating anything the whole day. So now mommy is experimenting with more finger foods and hope that you will adapt to new dishes.

You love playing in mommy’s kitchen.  You can now open all the lower cabinets and drawers, pull out heavy pots and bang their lids against the floor.

We finally had our 1 year check up.  You now weight 17 lbs and 14 ounces, which equates to 6 to 10 percentile in weight and 25 percentile in height!  This is compared to 2 percentile in weight at the 9 months check up.  Since then, mommy had tried so many things to entice you to eat!  I am so glad you’ve finally gained some weight.

Our beloved Maxie, as we watch you grow each day we also grow stronger in our belief that someday you will turn into such a fascinating person.  We imagine sitting across from you and engage in intense conversations.  We love that you are so adventurous, independent, and insatiable.  You light up our lives and we couldn’t imaging a life without you.


Mommy and Daddy.