Max, You Are 14 Months Old Today!

Dear Max,

Today you turn 14 months old.  I stared into your face and saw a little boy stared back in complete happiness.  How you have changed since you were an infant!  Yet your features still look the same, as if they were permanently set into your face.  As time flows by so fast each day, it is so wonderful to watch you grow but scared that I would soon see my little baby erased from your face.

But you still needs your mommy!  You were sick the last couple of weeks, thus you became especially attached to mommy, to a point that you just wouldn’t want to be unglued.  Whether it is morning or at night, you wouldn’t want to be put down.  So mommy got frustrated, because she wasn’t able to get anything done with one arm permanently taken up by you.  Once or twice mommy put you down and you bawled so hard that your food came out of your nose.  So mommy pick you up again and willingly let you be her master, because no one will do but mommy!  You come first, before Ravi, daddy, or mommy herself.  Good thing daddy knows a thing or two about scavange for food so no one died of hunger. 

You have slept worst in the last couple of weeks.  During the peak of your illness, you used to wake up middle of night crying and won’t stop even when mommy tries all her tricks.  There were nights when you would be awake for over and hour, but mommy was there with you.  When you are finally fast sleep and mommy escapes away, you would wake up crying within ten minutes.  But most of time you would sleep well when mommy is by you.  You purposely extend your arms to feel if mommy is there.  Some say it is darkest before the light, mommy hopes this is the beginning of you sleeping better…

Toward the end of last week, you recovered.  We took you to your friend’s birthday party.  You enjoyed yourself so much that you didn’t even look for mommy when you went from one play area to the next.  Mommy was very happy to stay away and enjoy some conversation with other mommies.  Your daddy was very hopeful, thinking to himself that this is the beginning (again!) of you becoming more independent. 

You love your A-Pa (grandpa)!  Yesterday was the first day you got held by A-Pa and refused to come back to mommy.  I think that was the best present A-Pa received for Father’s Day, because he loves you so much.

Ever since you were born, mommy looked forward to two things: you turning one and your daddy graduating from school.  Of course you’ve turn one in April and magically transformed into a capable little boy.  Then last Friday, your daddy finally graduated from school!  Mommy couldn’t be happier.  From this point on, we could spend more time together and we would be so happy together.  Mommy took you and Ravi to daddy’s graduation, then to dinner.  We didn’t come home till 10PM and found you and Ravi both sleeping peacefully in your car seat.  Mommy and daddy sat together at the threshold of our house and we were the happiest people in the world!  How much we are looking forward to our future together!  How much we love you both!