Weekend Adventures of October 27th, 2012

We put weekend adventures on pause while Maxie had his swimming lessons.  Even though these lessons were only a hour each, the awkward timing interrupted our normal schedules for naps, lunches, and outdoor explorations.  As weather finally cool down, we were relieved to cancelled our lessons for this year.  Of course we will resume the lessons next spring. 

We wanted to do something fun last weekend.  First thing on our agenda was to eat something really good for a change.  I know there are good food in Redondo Beach area, but we were looking for something better, something exceptional.  Lunasia delivered.  I can’t believe we haven’t been there for that long!  Next stop, the Zoo!  We received their monthly activity letter about the pumpkin patch and can’t wait to take the kids there for the first time.



 I am sure you are thinking: ahhhh, that last picture of the boys hugging is so cute!  Well, let me tell you what REALLY happened.  That was Ravi’s attempt to pick up Maxie and lift him off the bench.  Of course even though the intention was good, but Ravi had either enough strength nor physical control to carry his little brother.  It ended with Maxie’s head hitting the ground and crying.  But Maxie was okay after 2 minutes and we didn’t scold Ravi.  They continued to play with each other after that.

We had another great weekend.  Next weekend is already shaping up to be a fun one.  Can’t wait to share with you soon. 


The Brothers, October 27th 2012

Before I realized it, the boys have began to play really well together.  Honestly, this so surpassed my expectation.  I was told by other experienced moms that doesn’t happen till both are able to communicate well.  But here they are, taking a juicy break together after a whole morning of playing together.  I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this moment, because them being the best of friends is so important to me.  It doesn’t hurt that the are absolutely gorgeous! 🙂 I was lucky enough to snap some good photos of them.


Max and Ravi, 1.5 and 3.5 years old.

Max and Ravi, 1.5 and 3.5 years old.



Straps Can’t Hold Me Down!

I was looking through pictures couple of nights ago and came across this one of Maxie taken at 6 months of age.

I got to be honest, this picture pretty much summed up why I don’t want anymore kids.  Here are the reasons:

Maxie is a special kid.  By special I mean high maintenance.  By high maintenance I mean he needed to be held by ME all the time.  Daddy or A-Pa or Mom would not do, carried but sitting down would not do.  I carried him in the morning, afternoon, middle of the night.  Whenever he cried, I carried him, and rocked and shaked him.  I was very afraid of him crying and would have done anything in my power to stop it.  Consequently, I was not able to do anything else.  No cooking, cleaning, go to the bathroom by myself, or take a shower.  Forget about having any personal time to recover from illnesses or simply winding down from a stressful day.  This picture described my attempt to put him down so I could get breakfast ready for the family.  Instead of enjoying the rocking motion and the music, Maxie rebelled.  I paused to take this picture, then I picked him up and carried him.  Unfortunately this is not the experience I want to repeat.

Maxie is a defiant kid, as we can see that clearly here in this picture.  When I didn’t pick him up on his first attempt to get my attention, he moved onto tactic #2, by throwing himself out of the swing.  That worked.  Within a minute I unstrapped him and saved him from the evil “rocking machine”.  I have no doubt that he has more tricks up his sleeves.  Over the last year and half, my patience have been slowly eroding.  I am not proud to say, but now I can tolerate him crying for a much longer period of time.  But I still give in to him 99% of time.  I am sure I would not have any patience left when the next baby comes along if we ever decided to have one, and that’s why I intend to never let it happen.

More than anything, I love Maxie.  Just look at how adorable he is.  I find so much of me in him every time I stare into his face.  Even when he was in my womb I felt how special he is.  There’s an unspoken bond between us, so even a slight tuck makes me run to him like there’s nothing else in the world.  I am afraid that he’s got my heart in his little hands, and that’s why I’ll do anything to make him happy.  People say that a mother’s heart grows as each child is added to her family.  Maybe it is true for somebody else, but I question if a parent would be able to spend enough quality time with each child.  For me, my heart simply ran out of room.  Ravi and Maxie are the top priorities in my life.  There’s so little room left after the kids that Mario barely gets my full attention when we are home, and I don’t remember when I had a decent conversation with my sister.  Never mind old friends and relatives.  I haven’t seen or spoken to some of them for months or even years.  And have you looked at me lately?  I look like crap!  I put myself at even a lower priority than Mario and you can just guess how much time I spend on myself.  I know my heart has  limitations and I am glad that I am able to love Ravi and Maxie the way they deserved to be.

As the mother of two very demanding boys, each day has its challenges.  But as each day fade into distance, a new day sheds a little more weight from my shoulders.  I am beginning to love being me.  I wake up to the people I love the most in my life, a loving husband and two most adorable children.  I get to work on exciting projects with people whom I respect.  I learn, I laugh, I love.  My life is perfect with the four of us.  Someday when I look back to these days, I would have peace in my mind knowing that I did the best I could, I treasured every moment, and I loved them all as much as I could.  I will have nothing to regret.





Max, You Are 18 Months Old Today!

My dear Max,

You’ve turned 18 months old today.  Oh boy, what a ride it has been!  To think that you are only half way through your second year; what a wonderful adventure it will be to watch you grow.

This is a break through month for you.  You have accomplished so much.  For months now, you have been trying to learn how to flip the light switch or open the automatic garbage can.  These sound like simple things for adults, but pushing just the right spot the first time and then switching to a new spot the second time is little hard to grasp for a little toddler like you.  But you finally figured it out.  All those times that you stood by the light switch feeling, touching, and watching have finally paid off.  Now you still love to sit there, but you now have the satisfaction of watching the lights go on and off.  The same with the garbage can.  Mommy has shown you how to kick the exact spot to open and you have finally done it!  You are also draining the battery by opening it 10 thousand times, but at least you are having fun.

It has taken forever, but the two canine teeth that I felt right under your gum have finally poked through.  My, what sharp teeth you have.  If they come out any longer, it is going to look like vampire teeth, just in time for halloween. You only have a six teeth left and then you’ll have a full set of baby teeth. We can’t wait!

And what do you do with your new sharp teeth?  You bite!  Yes, you!  I am talking to you, Max!  Please do remember that you are not a puppy.  One night out of nowhere you bit me on the shoulder and it hurt like you wouldn’t believe.  I instinctively screamed out in pain.  When I turned around to look at you, you gave me your super cute puppy face and pretended nothing had happened.  Though, you must have sensed that mommy was mad at you so you went elsewhere to play.  Then half an hour later, you climbed up onto the seat behind me, your little arms huged me, your head tilted to one side, and your big inquisitive eyes looked apologetically to implore for my forgiveness.  Of course I forgave you, I couldn’t be mad at you for long.  I thought you have learned your lesson that day, but two days later you bite A-Pa.  Of course A-Pa was a much better parent than I.  He only winced, then pick you up and held you in his arms.  I know, I got much to learn to be a better parent.

You still don’t talk yet.  I know that there are deep thoughts behind your curious eyes, but you certainly have no problem keeping them to yourself.  You say “uhhh uhhh” and “ahhh ahhh”, sometimes you even try very hard to say “milk”.  The doctor tells me this is normal and you are actually speaking, I just blame it on your dad since he didn’t speak till 2!

You are one stubborn kid!  When you were smaller you used to lay face down on the floor when you didn’t get your way.  I thought, what else to expect?  Both of your parents are stubborn, so of course you would be also.  But the bigger you get the more stubborn you become.  There’s no diffusing your obsessions when you are knee deep in it.  No chocolate, new toys, tickle…etc.  You want something and you are obsessed till you get it.  Unfortunately you are often obsessed with whatever your brother has, so Ravi had to give up a lot.  You even hit him sometimes when you don’t get his toys immediately.  I hope this will change because someday you two will be the best friends ever.

The warmth of the summer is fading and made way to this year’s cold and flu season.  If last year’s cold and flu season is anything like the one to come, I am expecting to be sick continuously for the next 7 months.  So far our family had already went though 1.5 round of illness and this is only the beginning.  Of course your daddy and I are expecting to spend all our vacation days on these types of emergencies.

You love to play in bed with brother for hours before falling asleep.  Ever since we put two mattresses on the floor side by side, you have been sleeping with your brother in the same “bed” off and on.  You both love to play in the dark and rolling and falling onto mommy and daddy, which, after a while, tends to hurt us. Both mommy and daddy have noticed that you’re much more involved in playing with your brother. From biking together to swinging together the two of you are pursuing a lot of fun games that we both hope will take up more of your time (and thereby free up some time for us)!

You still cry like crazy during car ride but we can normally get about 15 – 30 minutes before you start. This usually means we keep all of the trips local. If we do take a long trip, like last weekends’ trip to Walnut, the car ride turns into a disaster. We’re hoping that this is just a phase and you’ll become more comfortable in the car. We’re not ashamed to say that mommy and daddy are sort of dreading the trip up to San Jose for Christmas (5+ hours yikes) and we really would like it if you didn’t cry at the top of your lungs the whole way there (hint hint).




Mommy and Daddy.