Max, You Are 19 Months Old Today!

My dear Max,

Today you’ve turned 19 months old.  What a month it had been, what fun we had together as a family.

We all had a wonderful Halloween.  You dressed up as Transformer’s Bumblebee and your brother Ravi as Optimus Prime.  First there was the Halloween party at school where we danced to the music and jumped in the fun house, then mommy and daddy took you and your brother treat or tricking in the neighborhood.  The two of you absolutely love the experience and insisted on going further and further for more candies.  When we approach each door, you would free your hand from ours and approach each door holding up your bucket.  When you were done, you would be so proud to return your little hand to ours.  It was a long night, your weary little legs didn’t carry you very far so mommy carried you most of the way.  By the end of the night, both of you had a big bucket of candies that Mom promptly hidden so you wouldn’t get your hands on them.  No need to worry about not having enough candies, you daddy and A-Pa made sure we have some of the best chocolates in the world at home all the time.

You have a favorite show now, and it is called Pocoyo.  You can’t quite pronounce it yet, but every time I Pocoyo you would laugh with such delight. 

You are trying very hard learning to speak.  It felt like just yesterday when mommy was amazed that you can verbalized a single syllable, then suddenly you are repeating more complicated words.  You often mix in mindless mumble with “talking”, so catching you saying things is like a game.  Now that mommy knows that you are talking, she will make a point to talk to you more regularly. 

You are still a very small boy compared to your peers.  In fact, you are still too small for your 12-18 month pants so we have to put you in 6-12 month ones.  It sure didn’t help that our family is going through the third round of illnesses since the beginning of cold and flu season.  The uncomfortableness you are feeling is erasing the last bit of your body fat and any desire to eat.  It is so sad to watch your face narrowing and your bones through your cloth.  Mommy is worried but daddy keeps insisting that it would be okay.  How would it be okay when you don’t even eat or sleep?  How can you go through a day on just one jar of yogurt and small snacks? 

The last two months have been very tough physically for mommy and daddy, partly because we were constantly battling a cold or a flu, but mostly because you have not been sleeping well.  You have been waking up and wailing between 5AM to 6AM every morning.  This is changed from waking up at 6:30AM during the summer time.  Let me remind you that it is now cold and dark, approaching winter season where people sleep in late.  You don’t seem to need sleep at night, but you nap like a pro at school.  You play in bed keeping mommy awake till 9:30PM and yet you wake up at 5:30AM like clock work, resulting a short 8 hours of sleep.  How do you survive?  Mommy certainly doesn’t survive well under these conditions.  Did I mention that you wail as soon as you awake?  It is very loud and hurt her ears.  It is not nice to shock your beloved mother out of coziness of her dreamland, induce her to bounce out of bed to pick you up and drag her weary body up the stairs in the dark to get your morning milk and snack.  Mommy’s reward for this cruel treatment used to be offsetted by the opportunity to catch up on her recorded shows.  But now you wouldn’t have any of it!  If it is not Pocoyo or Mickey Mouse Club House, it is not peaceful time for mommy! 

My darling Maxie, during last the month mommy went through pendulum of emotions with you.  There were times when mommy was so proud and so in love with you.  Life seemed perfect.  But there were also some very difficult times.  Most of it was due to your fussiness.  You must have been tired or uncomfortable, and you wanted to be carried all the time.  There were times you cried non-stop even when mommy carried and rocked you.  Sometimes mommy would try anything to comfort you, but sometimes mommy gets very frustrated when all her attempts fail.  Mommy tried to give you different foods when you refused your meals, but you shakde you head to avoid the spoon; Mommy tried to rock you to sleep when you were tired, but you waved your limbs and fight to stay awake.  There were many times when mommy would carry you for hours to ensure you would be able to sleep, just like the same way she held you when you were an infant.  Her arms would tire and her back would ache, but a single look upon your peaceful face awaken the same powerful emotion just like it had hundreds of times before… 

I love you, Max!  I will try harder to be everything you need, I will be the best I can be for you.  Because there’s nobody else like you for me and nobody else love you more than me. 


Ravi, You Are 44 Months Old Today!

My dear Ravi,

Wow, you are 44 months old today!  That’s like 44 years old in cat years!

You now make a point to correct mommy and daddy when we called you our baby.  You would say: “I am a big boy now.”  And a big boy you are.  You have gotten so tall and yet manage to keep such a slim figure.  On one hand you still refuse to eat your regular meals, on the other hand you request chocolates and juices every minute.  Is that how you stay so thin?  You got to tell mommy your tricks.

You act like a big boy too.  You now talk non-stop though your speech is a little behind compared to other kids in your class.  I blame that on your daddy since he’s the one who had difficulty speaking at younger age.  You talk and talk from the second you wake up in the morning.  Mostly you make requests.  You would say “I want chocolate… I want chocolate… I want chocolate…”  or “I want juicy… I want juicy… I want juicy…”  When you watch TV, during every toy commercial you would request us to buy it for you.  I am sure you make enough requests to your A-Pa and Mom to fill up a Christmas gift list daily.  All your requests are just too much, mommy and daddy often cannot comply immediately, but you never give up.  You don’t stop till you get what you want, or till your mommy and daddy are irritated enough to tell you to “pipe down.”  If only you have the same passion for other useful persuits…

You bring home so much sand!  Every evening when you come home, mommy and daddy have to be very careful when we take off your shoes.  It is not because you are not capable of taking them off yourself, it is because they are always filled with so much sand.  If we’re not careful, the sand can be spilled onto our floor and cause us to clean up yet one more time after you and Maxie.  Your daddy and mommy have the habit of emptying your sand onto the front yard which has caused the soil quality to become much more sandier than we intended.  If we know you love sand this much, we would have bought you a sandbox as a depository and save money on buying sand.

Often when we meet up with other parents with kids of your age, they always ask if you have been potty trained.  Unfortunately you have not.  You have gone through a couple rounds of potty training at school and yet you are still not doing so well in that department.  You began potty training when you were two and a half years old.  Initially you did very well.  You liked sitting on the potty and flushing it on your own.  Before you moved out of your two’s class, you wore underwear and only occasionally experienced accidents.  Then you got put into a two’s-to-three’s transition class for 2 months, then to the three’s class.  That’s when things started to turn ugly and I blame that to constant change in environment and teachers.  So half a year ago your teacher decided to stop the process to give you a break.  You went back to wearing diapers for  four months and began potty training again in September.  So now we go through phases of you doing really well to doing really badly.  Part of this is also because the change in expectation.  You are now expected to go to the toilet on your own, including taking  off and putting on your pants and underwear.  You now often bring home a bag of soiled cloth.  Mommy and daddy don’t mind.  We hope you are not daunted and keep going forward.

You are learning a lot at school… at least from your friends.  A few nights ago during our bedtime conversation you suddenly told mommy to “LEAVE-YOU-ALONG” and “DON”T-TALK-TO-ME”  You caught mommy by surprise.  But mommy didn’t get mad at you and turn to face the other direction.  That when you pushed mommy’s back and said: “mommy, how come you don’t talk to me anymore?”  Maybe taking a minute to understand what you learned is more important.  Someday when you look back, you will think this is funny.

My dear Ravi, when I looked at you I see that perfect child that I dedicated my life to before your brother came along.  It was so hard for mommy to shift her focus onto someone else because you were my world.  I had to let daddy take care of you when your brother was little, but now mommy is looking forward to spending more time with you.  I want you to know that I have never stopped loving you.  I miss being close to you so much and I cherish spending every minute with you.  I tell you many times everyday and it is true: I love you.

Yours always,