Max, You Are 21 Months Old Today!

My dear Max,

You turned 22 months old today!  My, how you are growing into a playful and fun loving big boy.  Yet you are one small kid packed full of big troubles and big attitudes.

Your quietness usually translates into trouble is brewing.  Most of time you are sticking onto mommy.  When you are finally off to play, you are normally loud enough so mommy can sense where you are.  But there are times when you suddenly become extremely quiet, which is a good indication that you are up to no good.  Mommy has found you unplugging electronics behind the TV stand, throw half a dozen clean diapers into the toilet, pulling out all the tissues from a box or un-rolling tissue paper onto the bathroom floor.  You are very inventive.  Every time mommy comes to find you after such silence there is always something surprising for her to find.

You don’t take no for an answer.  In fact, you file “no” into your “disregard” folder and sometimes even into your “encouragement” folder.  Often times you have mommy or daddy screaming “no! no! no!…NOOOO!” behind you as you tear your brother’s art works in rapid succession, draw things on furniture using permanent pens, throw all your food and/or toys on the floor or aim at someone else…etc.  You are one hard kid to deal with sometimes.

You keep taking your shoes off.  Initially we thought your shoes were too tight, so we got you new ones.  But that doesn’t stop you from taking them off.  Usually during a car ride, you would take your shoes off within the first 2 minutes.  In the last few weeks, you have turned your attention into taking off your pants to try peepee in the bathroom, or even randomly just because you want to.  You disappear for a few minutes, then suddenly we find you pantsless.  Last few nights you even took off your pajamas while you should be falling asleep!  It is cute for a little kid but mommy and daddy hope you don’t continue doing this, especially in public.

You just went through a major grow spurt.  You grew 1.5 inches in height and 1.5 in shoe sizes since last September.  For a long time you were the smallest kid in your toddler (1 year old) class wearing your old 6 to 12 months cloth.  You now fit comfortably into your 12 to 18 months clothes and some of them are getting noticeably small.  Your feet grew too.  You now wear size 6, which is the smallest size strideride offers light up shoes in.  Mommy and daddy know how much you love Ravi’s light up shoes, so we got you a really cool pair of your own.

You no longer wake up early every morning (ala 5am early).  For that, mommy wants to say THANK YOU!  This morning you woke up at 7:30AM which made mommy and daddy get to work late.  Didn’t you forget that you are our household rooster?  For so long, we counted on you to wake up mommy and daddy so we could get to work at a decent hour.  Now we have to move onto play B — dust off our old alarm clock.

You fight a lot with your bigger brother. I mean a lot! While you guys love to hang out with each other, you have this distinct ability to break or tear apart whatever toy Ravi is playing with. Ravi will then get very angry and hit you. This doesn’t stop you in the slightest. You’ve learned to hit (and bite) him right back. Just a couple of days ago you bit Ravi so hard on the arm that you left two big red bruises there. Hopefully this is just because you have trouble speaking. Once you learn to really speak you’ll be able to communicate in a manner that doesn’t involve hitting someone.

You are learning a bunch of words. Three months ago we were a little worried because you couldn’t say a lot of words. Your doctor said it was okay that the vocabulary difference in 18 months old can be quite large. You, of course, were on the low end. But in the last three months you’ve added a bunch of words to your vocabulary. You know Apa, Mom, Mommy, Daddy, No, Balloo (n), (Ba)nana, up, shoe, peepee, and others that I’m forgetting at this moment. While you aren’t at the sentence stage yet, it’s not for lack of trying. I definitely hear you make sentences. Unfortunately I can only understand a word or two from them. We’ll have to wait just a little longer to find out what you’re really saying and thinking!

You have a new father-son activity! I’ve been waiting for you to interact more with your Daddy and as you’ve been getting older, he’s been spending more time with you. But now you have a favorite past-time activity that is for just Daddy and you. This involves massaging your ears. It started out that Daddy would clean your ears when you took a bath, but that wasn’t often enough for you. Now you get your ear cleaned/massaged every night when you go to bed. Daddy will sleep with you and run his fingers through your ear, while you patiently wait for him to ‘clean it.’ Of course, every little kids ears are very dirty and need multiple cleanings, so you’ll turn your head back forth multiple times each night to make sure both ears have been thoroughly cleaned multiple times. It is fun to watch you hang out with your Daddy. Soon (Mommy prays) you’ll go running to him instead of me!

My dear Max, you are one super active and mischievous little boy.  When mommy and daddy thought that we knew how to raise little boys through our experience with Ravi, we certainly didn’t count on having a little boy like you.  You have such high level of energy that it is a challenge for mommy and daddy to just keep up with you.  But more than anything, you bring us so much joy.  Everything you do is so much fun to watch and there’s nothing like sharing a huge and a kiss with you.

much love,



Maxie Loves Shoes

Suddenly began a month ago, Maxie became obsessed with shoes, especially other people’s shoes.  Any time he comes across a pair he would put them on and walk around in them no matter how big these shoes are.  This is particularly funny because these shoes are generally so much larger than his feet. 


 Maxie also makes a point of not returning the shoes to their rightful space.  To him these are his shoes and he has the right to stash them anywhere he pleases.  So you can imaging how the mornings are like in our household when we are already running late (happens often) but unable to find one or both of our shoes. 


Dreaming of Warmer Days

Though I tried to deny it, the winter has finally claimed our days.  In south bay area temperature dipped down to high of mid 50’s (Fahrenheit).  Just this morning I spotted frost on our neighbor’s roof and realized it is a big mistake going outside without a jacket.  Our family now mostly stay in doors and the plants in the backyard look moanful being ignored.

I miss the spring and summer.  Specially last year’s spring and summer, that was my first year of planting fruits and vegetables in the garden.  How wonderful it was to be able to eat blueberries, strawberries, and cherry tomatoes right off the vine!

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC Flo's garden 2012

These cold winter days give me time to plot, to dream of what next spring and summer will be.  A yard full of jewels to eat, I hope.


Ravi, You Are 46 Months Old Today!

My dear Ravi,

You are 46 months old today.  Only two months to go before you turn 4 YEARS OLD!  Oh my, I am shocked even typing this number down.

You love everything about transformers.  Good thing for you that toys company design simplified transformers in the Transformer Rescue Bot line for kids of your age.  You have now collected all their characters.  Your favorite by far are Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, in which you have in five different versions.  You have became so good at transforming them, your daddy bought you Cliffjumper next from a line designed for 5 years or older.  You fell in love instantly and your hands didn’t leave him for days afterwards.  You now can transform him with a little help.  Mommy is so proud of you.

You learned to navigate youtube.  Your love for transformers transcended into watching animates, product reviews, and anything else with a transformer in it.  Watching youtube videos has become one of your favorite past times.  Initially mommy or daddy had to sit with you and click on the video that you point too, that was when we realized how absolutely essential it is to train you in the skill of youtube surfing.  It took you a while to catch on because why wouldn’t you want us to sit and talk with you while watching your videos!?  Finally over the holidays, you have learned to surf all on your own!  You were suddenly addicted, your eyes glued to the screen.  You would disappear for hours.  It is pretty amazing to watch you surf and see the things you are interested in.

You learned to navigate youtube on iPad.  Mommy has been trying to get you to use daddy’s iPad but you simply refused.  Why would you stare down at a small screen when you could lay back comfortably and watch your videos in style on the big screen?  Until one day during Christmas break when aunt Lei finally booted you off of her beautiful Apple computer, you had no choice but to use the next best thing which happened to be daddy’s iPad.  You had a hard time at first, you couldn’t quite get the tapping right.  With practice, you got it down.  Soon you owned the iPad and gave daddy a evil stare when he took it away from you.

You’ve started to insult people when your mad or fighting back. Unfortunately you don’t understand that what works for Optimus Prime when he’s dissing Megatron isn’t actually going to work on anyone else. Your favorite insult is to call someone ‘you old bucket of boltz’. You’ve called daddy an old bucket of boltz, mommy, your brother, your cousins, and even A-pa and Mom. This seems to be your favorite insult right now, followed closely by calling someone ‘poopie’ or ‘but’. Daddy and mommy are not looking forward to when you learn more adult insults. Please stick to calling me an old bucket of boltz anytime I annoy you. I give you free reign to do this in perpetuity.

Like millions (likely over a billion) of people in the world, you are hooked on Psy’s Gangnam Style.  When you take a break from all your world of transformer, you let daddy play you those catchy beats, and we have play them dozens of times during Christmas break. You’ve even found some time for a really good parody – Mitt Romney Style! We have had as much fun watching this as the original. As you get older, please remember kissing babies and wealthy ladies…

Unfortunately not all things are going well for you.  You are still having problems going to potty and some times things can get pretty messy which causes mommy to get angry at you.  This happened again a couple of nights ago.  You could tell that mommy was really angry this time and you waited around the corner silently.  When mommy spoke to you again, she asked you to promise never to do it again.  You looked into her eyes, said to her seriously, “mommy, I promise, mommy.”  For a moment, mommy saw a glimpse of an old soul behind those eager eyes and remembered what a wonderful and sensitive child you really are.  I love you, Ravi.  You are my first true love and I will love you forever.

yours always,