Max, You Are 22 Months Old Today!

My dear Maxie,

You turned 22 months old today!  Time passes so fast that it makes me spin.  You are still a little boy in my eye, yet you are only 2 months away from moving to the big boys classroom.

You are the destroyer of the chicken family wall decals in our bedroom.  We started with a whole family of chickens about 6 months ago, mommy and babies chickens happily eating corn along the road.  You must have some grudge again their existence and started peeling them off one by one, from the smallest pieces to the largest.  In your defense, you did attempt to put them back after you have thoroughly played with them, but at last it is too late to save their family.  The sticky on the back are filled with your finger prints and dust and can no longer be glue back onto the wall.  The chicken family fell apart.  From one or two of the corn to missing babies, then mommy was missing her legs.  They now look so sad.  One can clearly see that the prolong hunger has taken its toll on the chicken family, and the anticipation of nightly attack has put fear into their hearts.  Of course the other animals on the wall are sensing their fear as well and hoping that someone out there would save them.  Where is Knight Ravi when we need him?

You still don’t regularly eat your dinner.  At school, they feed you a snack at 5PM.  So you come home with a semi-full tummy and refuse to eat.  You love pasta, but you will not tolerate eating pasta for lunch and dinner, then lunch and dinner again.  You like Tamale too, but other than that there’s no guarantee that you will eat anything else mommy cooks for you.  This makes feeding you an all night event for most nights, and definitely a very challenging task.  So mommy’s strategy is to feed you a little bit of everything.  Couple of yogurt drinks, some nuts, cookies or crackers, tangerines, chips… Mommy tries to feed you with anything we got in the house and we are constantly expanding our inventory to keep you interested.  Despite all the work, you are still a better eater than you brother at the same age, so mommy can’t compliant.

You fall down all the time so finding a bump or a bruise on you is not a new experience for mommy.  However, last week you fell down in your classroom and hit your head on the edge of a table.  It looked so bad that mommy got really scared.  You couldn’t even keep your right eyes open all the way due to the bruises.  Good news is that you are slowly recovering.  Right now your right eye can open fully, though there are still shades of purple and blue near your eye.  Please be careful, my baby.  Mommy has a fragile heart.




Valentine’s Day!

Okay, it as yesterday.  I am a day behind in documentation.

Made this for Mario’s breakfast.

Mario's Valentine's Day Breakfast

Mario’s Valentine’s Day Breakfast

I bought this Valentine’s top with a cape for Ravi last year at clearance and finally got to see him in it!


Ravi in his Valentine's shirt and cape combo.

Ravi in his Valentine’s shirt and cape combo.

Mario played with the boys the whole night while I cleaned up.  They ran and laughed, filled the house with happiness the entire night.  It was a happy Valentine’s Day for us all.



Maxie got hurt!

Maxie came home with a huge bump on his right eyebrow last night!  I had to do a double take to make sure I wasn’t imagining things.  It has already swollen up so much that his right eye couldn’t be opened all the way.  Of course my parents gave me a lecture on how they would never let this happen to me or my sister when we were young.  Yes, I screwed up by not being there… 🙁

This is definitely the biggest injury Maxie had ever experienced in his young life.  I had hoped that it would miraculously disappear when we woke up this morning, but no, it was still there.  To make things worst, he also vomited out his fruit shake the second we stepped into his classroom this morning.

This Valentine’s day is not starting well for me.

Max with injured right eyebrow

Max with injured right eyebrow



Maxie with injured right eye brow

I tell myself, these are boys.  They thrive in hard conditions.  They need rough and tumble to make them tough!  That’s what boys are about.  Understanding is one thing, it hurts nonetheless.


Valentine’s Day, -1

The day before Valentine’s Day is dedicated to preparing Ravi and Max’s gifts to all their classmates.

I have already bought loads of heart shaped chocolates, gift bags, ribbons, and shape cutters for the label.  Most of these were purchased on line, since I didn’t have time to go find them in stores.  I also designed several gift labels and printed them out earlier this week.  For the actual gifts, I chose perishables in the form of heart shaped chocolates.  I figure all the kids will swallow them down at first sight, experience an hour of sugar high, then return back to their normal selves in time for pick up.  No evidence!

Could you believe Max and Ravi have total of 40 classmates in combine?!  I totally under estimated the amount of work required to prepare all 40 gifts.  40 ribbons need to be cut to size and tie to the bags, 80 hole punch to make the gift label, 5 different chocolates need to be distributed… So much work and I had so little time.  Good thing my mom and Mario were willing to help and we finished all the work within Max and Ravi’s bath time.  At the end, there were two large shopping bags worth of gifts ready for school the next day.

Valentine's Day gifts for school, 2013

Valentine’s Day gifts for school, 2013

I had so much fun researching and putting together the gifts.  It required me to be more crafty than I ever had to be before.  Good thing too, I was able to add a few new tools into my “mommy craft” bin.  With practice, I will get much better at it.

I sure hope Max and Ravi will have a fun Valentine’s Day party at school.



Mommy and Maxie

I rarely take pictures.  As I looked through my photos I realized that if pictures captured all of our lives, then I am not in my kid’s life much.  This definitely has to do with me not looking my best, not even okay most of the time.  This year I want to change that.  I want to look good again.  I want to be in my kids’ photos even if I don’t look my best.

On a whim, I asked Mario to take a picture of me holding Maxie.  I had no make up on.  I was wearing an old t-shirt passed down from Mario. I probably didn’t brush my hair that morning.  Mario took just one picture and it turned out pretty well.  I should definitely encourage him to take up photography.

Maxie and Mommy

Mommy and Maxie


Valentine’s Day, -2

I am feeling ambitious this year, I want to celebrate each kid’s holiday by doing something special, both to set new traditions for our young family and to introduce new experiences to the boys.  Valentines day is the first important kid’s holiday of the year and I wanted to kick it off right.  That means multi-day planning and fun for the boys.

Valentine’s day for 2013 falls on Thursday February 14th.  My preparation began on Monday, when I planned and cyber shopped all necessary tools and materials. Yesterday, 2 days before the actual Valentine’s day, I kicked off part 1 of the celebration.  I made cookies.  Not any ordinary cookies, but PEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE CHIP cookies.  The boys have been craving for Reese’s cups for the last 2 weeks and how wonderful it would be to to fill that craving with warm delicious peanut butter cookies with the best ingredients.  The result? Fabulous!  Actually, the words came out of Mario’s mouth as he bite into the first cookie was “THIS IS FABULOUS!”  That made all my hard work (30 minutes ;-)) worth it.


Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies



I followed the recipe from, added the best peanut butter and chocolate I could find.  One thing I dislike about those Reese’s cup is the quality of their ingredients.  I much rather my boys eat the top grade European chocolates than anything else.

Total success!  Tomorrow night we’ll be packing Valentine’s gifts for Ravi and Max’s classmates.  Another fun project.