Ravi, You Turn 4 Years Old Today!

My Dear Ravi,

No matter how much I prepare myself for this day, I can never be ready.  As of today, you have lived 1,460 days on this earth, and that’s 35,040 hours and millions of minutes.  I have immensely enjoyed countless days and hours, and struggled with a few.   Looking back from this moment, time seems to pass too fast but also too slow.  Too slow, because each day was a different challenge and the difficulty only increased as time goes on.  Too fast, because I have been preparing for this day for months, yet it still  slams into my face unexpectedly like a bug on the windshield.  There were so much I wanted to do to celebrate your birthday, but I have fell short of my own expectation.

Do you know that you are the most influential person to me in my life?  Yes, you are.  You changed my destiny.  Your birth re-arranged my priorities and permanently changed the way I think.  Things that I thought were important are now trivial.  Now I am the happiest than I have ever been, and that’s because I have you, your brother, and your daddy.  So, thank you, for the most precious gift of all, motherhood.  Now that I am one, I can never go back.  My heart will forever walk outside my body.

The most important item in your life is your bunny blankie.  You had it since you were born and you have been obsess with it since you were one.  I can’t believe that blanket lasted the last four years and still in good shape.  I did tried to replace it with similar ones, but it has no alternative in your heart.  You can’t live without it.  Your life is not complete if you are not hold it every waking moment.  There were couple of days we left it at E-Pa’s place, and every night you would get so upset that you nearly cried.

You are very gentle.  Your soft touches have never broken a toy, teared up any piece of paper, or ripped any books.  Your things are as new as the day we got them for you.

Your have been taking dance classes since you were two.  Mommy has yet to witness any progress on the dancing front. The biggest reason is because you never dance in front of me! I keep getting told by the teachers that you go to your dance class every week and you enjoy it a lot, but that seems to be the only place you’ll dance. Daddy and I came to watch you once but you stopped as soon as you saw us! Talk about being really really shy. Oh well, when your older (like 35) maybe then you’ll show us some of the dancing you learned.

You are fully potty trained! And I don’t mean sorta kinda potty trained but the full monty potty trained. You go to the bathroom by yourself, do your business without accidents, and even wait for us to help you if you need it. You haven’t had an accident in months. Which is pretty amazing. Until about a month or two ago you were having a lot of trouble with potty training. We were lucky if you could go a week at school without having an accident and needing replacement pants. There were some days that you had two or three accidents in a single day. When we talked to the teachers, there were hints that either: a) it would all work out, or b) but if it didn’t they’d have to hold you back! That was kind of worrying for us. We told you that you might have to be held back just to make sure you would be prepared for it and you seemed to be ok. We knew it was coming down to the wire, but then, in the end, you turned the corner almost in a week and you haven’t looked back since. You’ve even been able to sleep through the night without accidents, but we don’t take any chances. You still have to wear a diaper to sleep, but that should change sometime this year.

You love transformers. And not just a little, but a lot.  This makes your daddy very proud because he was also a transformers fan. Every couple of weeks he’s looking to get you a new and better transformer. We started with the whole collection of Rescue Bots designed for kids of your age, but quickly moved past that. The next series daddy thought you could handle was the bot shot series. These were designed for 5 year olds, but  daddy got it for you when you were 3. Initially you struggled with the launcher, but then you got it and you and your daddy have been launching transformers at each other regularly at night ever since then.  For your birthday, you have received several KRE-O and other transformer toys that required even higher level of manual dexterity.  So far you can already transform one of them.  During your down time from transforming your robot men, you take a break by watching transformers toys product reviews geared for adults.  As a result, you regularly make requests to daddy for new transformers.  Since last Christmas, you have been able to navigate through youtube all by yourself.  If no one was to stop you, you would continue to surf and watch for hours at a time.  You don’t know the name of the states yet, but you know dozens of transformers names, and often speak to daddy in a language that mommy doesn’t understand, like “open chest” versus “closed chest”, micro changer, weaponry…etc.  I think you must have 6 or 7 different types of optimus primes (which is your favorite character)! You even love making optimus prime and bumblebee from legos. Mommy is really happy you’re so interested in robots and vehicles.  Daddy love it better that you’re always trying to make your own optimus prime as opposed to just wanting someone Else’s build you an optimus prime. Your independence make mommy and daddy very happy!

Hi Ravi,

It’s Daddy here. I just wanted to add my two cents to your 4 year old birthday post. Over the last years you’ve become a very capable, sensitive, and inquisitive little boy. We have tons of fun together and you and I ‘hang out’ and play together regularly. I remember when I was young watching the transformers and thinking that they were so cool. I’ll let you in on a little secret. Your daddy never had a transformer growing up. They were very expensive toys and your grandfather couldn’t afford one for me. Luckily we don’t have that problem today and I am happy to encourage your interest. It’s probably because I have as much fun playing with them as you do. I can’t wait to have you try other games with me and other toys.

You’re definitely getting older and braver. You’ve actually watched me play my video game (Skyrim) and even though it’s a ‘little bit scary’ and people are killed you seem to be able to handle it and enjoy it. The same goes for the Transformers G1 series. While you need me to watch it with you, you do like to watch it and we’ve seen about a dozen episodes. It’s pretty great that you’re getting into shows and games that are for older kids. We even went and saw ‘Wreck It Ralph’ together. Just the two of us. Soon we’ll be playing board games together and then in a couple of years we can start ‘role-playing’. I’m thinking by seven or eight you’ll be able to handle it. I’ve told Mommy that I have no problem being your and your brother’s DM. That will be pretty cool.

You’ve started to get really good at building blocks, legos, etc. You like to build Transformers and other objects from any blocks you can get your hands on. I’ve bought you some Kre-O microchangers Transformers blocks and you love them. While you still need my help, you’ve been able to transform your Optimus Prime all by yourself. Mom and I are very happy you like visually constructing things and have great plans on how we can encourage this hobby and take it to the next level. We see robot building in your future (at least for now)…

While we haven’t started or attempted any formal skill training, we do encourage your hobbies and your inquisitive nature. You’ve learned a lot in the last year and you love exploring and building. These are ‘skills’ that we want you to have more than anything in life. Mommy and daddy believe, if you have no issue with learning, then you’ll be able to learn anything. When your daddy was young he had to ‘learn’ how to do math and to read just to enjoy his hobbies. Those skills came because they were needed for more important endeavors (i.e. fun hobbies). We expect you to learn the same way. So we don’t worry about what you’re learning right now, we just worry about your willingness to learn. Mommy and daddy are planning on getting you more skill games to work with. This will naturally encourage you to learn.



Mommy and Daddy.


Ravi from Birth to 4 Years Old [Pictures]

Four years ago, you came into our world.  Something went wrong and the doctors took you to NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) immediately and put tubes into you.  I didn’t even get a chance to hold you before they took you away.  Your daddy and I were so worried that we cried.  That was the most dramatic moment of our lives and we will always remember it.  I am so glad you turned out to be perfect!  Finally, you were released and came home on the 3rd day. The band-aid is still visible on your hand.


Ravi, 4 days old.

You began to walk without help at 12 months old.  You were the cutest boy in the world, but you didn’t eat.


Ravi at 1 year old.

When you turned 2 years old, mommy and daddy were getting ready to move into our new home and welcome another baby into our family.

Ravi at 2 years old.  Binky baby.

Ravi at 2 years old. Binky baby.

Ravi at 2 years old. Feed daddy on his spare time.

Ravi at 2 years old. Feed daddy in his spare time.

Ravi at 2 years old. Loves being carried by A-Pa.

Ravi at 2 years old. Loves being carried by A-Pa.

By three years of age, you became a capable and relatively self sufficient little boy.


Ravi at 3 years old. Happy baby.

And here we are, last week at your birthday celebration at school.  You are turning out to be more than I have ever wanted in a child, I am so proud of you and feel so blessed to be a part of your world.


Ravi at 4 years old.




Four years ago your mommy came in at 6:30am on my birthday and gave me my first present (which I don’t even remember now) and then told me that she was having contractions. What a way to start a birthday! We rushed to the hospital, and spent the day waiting for you to come out. We chose to not have you by cesarean initially and you were then born on the 5th. Four years ago, you were my birthday present and you have been the best birthday present ever! I can’t remember what I got years before, or after, but I can never forget you. You made my life have meaning and you are the best thing (besides mommy and your brother) that has ever happened to me.