Maxie you are 4 years old today!

My dear Maxie,

You have turned 4 years old. As much as mommy likes to think of you as a baby, let’s face it, you are getting way too heavy to carry. Mommy still tries though, because we all know you won’t want to be carried for much longer.

You are an Ironman super fan. Since last Christmas, you have been asking for various different versions of Ironman toys. You particularly like the little pose-able one that you tape up like a mummy and carry around in a little pouch, and the larger one that can make sound and light up so it can keep you company after we turn off the lights at night time. Mommy and daddy also rented the entire Ironman movie series for you, but you didn’t show as much interest. In a sense, we are very glad. You love animated super hero shows, such as Avengers, Agents of Smash, and Ironman. Mommy and daddy are so happy that you like them just like we do, and they are much less violent and more fun to watch together.

You are still mommy’s baby. It begins every morning, you want mommy to carry you upstairs when you open your eyes, then you want to sit on mommy while you watch your shows to wake up, then you want mommy to make you cold/hot (aka warm) chocolate milk. During the day, you want mommy to fix your toys, change your shows, help you go to bathroom, make your favorite food or drinks, fetch your toys, and help you stop Ravi from chasing you. At night, you want mommy to take you out of the bath early, put on your pajamas, put on your socks, and squeeze you before you fall asleep. Sometimes you would get angry if mommy tries to get daddy to fill in. Mommy secretly guesses that you ignore daddy to show how important mommy is to you. But we all know that you are changing. During the next phase in your life, your daddy will play a much more important role in your life, so mommy is going to enjoy being glued to you for as long as you let me.

You love sword fighting with daddy. Though you are still at an age where the only person that matters to you is mommy (daddy can call your name for 10 minutes without you taking any notice), there are a few thing you love daddy for. The most fun one is sword fighting and it is on every night before bed time, with foam swords and shields on soft beds. Both you and your brother would charge toward daddy and daddy would defend himself against the wall. Often times one of you would go way overboard, then daddy would “punish” you by taking you to “Tickle Town” while the other attacks relentlessly. One of Maxie’s favorite attacks on daddy is canon ball. It worked well when you were 20 lbs, but now you are much heavier and does really hurt daddy, so unfortunately canon ball attacks will have to end. Mommy is very happy about being left out of this boys fest, so she can have a few minutes “alone” to catch up on other things.

You are still an early riser. Mommy can only guess that most mornings you wake up earlier than mommy. But you would raise your head and look around. If mommy is still sleeping next you, you would put your head down and sleep a little more. If you mommy is longer around, you would grab your blankets and look for mommy upstairs where you always finds her. There are still some mornings when you would choose to wake up mommy and ask her to carry you upstairs. Mommy is very thankful that those mornings are much fewer and most of time you are very good at trying to sleep a little longer.

You still have a very narrow taste pallet. Even though you are a better eater in quantity than your brother, you are less willing to try new food. From information mommy and daddy gathered, it may be due to your sensitivity to smell and taste. We understand this phase will pass and we promise that once you are ready, mommy is willing to make you all kinds of yummy food to make you fatter. In the meantime, you seem to choose foods that are not so good for you, such as store bought chicken nuggets (not interested in the organic homemade chicken nuggets mommy makes), hot dog, and Kraft’s Mac and Cheese. For a while you would only eat plain white rice. You show no interest in eating fruits or vegetable or meat in most cases. Once upon a time you used to eat apple sauce and fresh fruit shake, but you refuse them now. It is struggles for mommy to make you something to eat every day, but mommy will keep trying.

Your latest doctor visit had confirmed that you are still a skinny boy. Little less skinny than last year since your your Body Mass Index (BMI) percentile has climbed from 1% from a year ago to 5% currently. To that, mommy and daddy believe is only temporary, as we have noticed that you have not shown any growth in height recently, and it is only a matter of time for your next growth spurt at which you will level down to 1%, and that’s the baby we know!

In recent months, you have learned to ride your scooter and became proficient. We must have had them for years and Ravi had mastered his long ago, but you chose to ignore your scooter’s existence. Only until recently did you show any interest at all. Could it be you are finally tired of Ravi going way faster than you in the yard chase? While you are mastering riding your scooter, your brother had graduated to the next level, a shiny blue bike! You so wanted one, and regularly hopped onto to Ravi’s to try it out even though it is too big for you. Thankfully, your daddy, our Larger Expense Approver (no kidding, that’s his title!), has a weak spot for you in his heart and reluctantly approved this purchase. Your shiny red bike arrived and you are so happy! Now that you and Ravi are both starting to learn, let’s see who can master it sooner.

My dear Maxie, you are such a super cool kid, and mommy and daddy loves you so much. I hope you feel it every day in our kisses and hugs, or sword swings and tickles. Every time we look into your eyes, we are so proud to be yours.


Mommy and Daddy