Paper Optimus

Ravi and Mom recently found out about paper fold-up transformers. A site named Cubee Art has a compilation of different fold-up dolls that you can print out, cut out, and fold-up into a transformer. When Mom showed Ravi, he was super excited and immediately wanted one created. Since it involved some pretty fine cutting with an x-acto knife, I took over and put together a couple for him. They have found a home on our mantlepiece ever since.

Enjoy Ravi and remember to not let your brother get a hold of them!





Ravi's 'Ninja' Paper Optimus (cuz it's black...)

Ravi’s ‘Ninja’ Paper Optimus (cuz it’s black…)


Bumblebee and Optimus Prime

Bumblebee and Optimus Prime


Ravi (and his bear) at 51 Months

I am constantly in awe of how big Ravi is growing into and how beautiful he is turning out to be.  I know I am gushing with pride here, and that’s as his mother talking.  How can we not be in love with our little boys who we held dear in our hearts since birth?!  Are they not the most fascinating and perfect creatures in our eyes? If you asked me six years ago if I would ever become one of those sappy emotional creatures, I would laugh in your face.  But here I am, reduced to a puddle by my baby’s whim.

Ravi is 51 months old now.  Its startling just to think about that number.  I still carry him around and kiss him till he gets mad at me.  I often catch myself staring at him and carve into my mind the features of his face.

Ravi and his beloved Bear Bear at 51 months of age

Ravi and his beloved Bear Bear at 51 months of age

Ravi and his beloved Bear Bear at 51 months of age

Ravi and his beloved Bear Bear at 51 months of age


Ravi in the Box

Ravi is a fun loving boy and he has showed a lot of interest in playing with my things in the kitchen.

One day, instead of “thinking outside of the box”, Ravi was in the box.  Literally!  After coming home from grocery shopping we left an empty cooler in the kitchen .  When I finally turned around to put it away, I found Ravi in it!  Apparently the ideal of being able to fit into the cooler was really amusing to Ravi and he kept popping in and out like a jack in the box.

It was so funny that we both began to laugh.  I was lucky enough to snap couple of photos before Ravi ran away.  Ravi, I am glad you are funny!


Ravi popped out of the box

Ravi In The Box

Ravi In The Box


Ravi at 48 Months [pictures]

It is hard to believe that Ravi is already 4 years old.  Here we are, getting older as each day passes by.  I am beginning to imaging how it would be when he is married and having kids of his own.  Of course I would be repeating over and over again like an old lady how he didn’t eat or sleep as a baby and it is finally pay back time.

But this is now and I cherish every moment that I can hold him in my arms.  I hope he would remember these days forever.  Here’s a million kisses to my baby.



Ravi from Birth to 4 Years Old [Pictures]

Four years ago, you came into our world.  Something went wrong and the doctors took you to NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) immediately and put tubes into you.  I didn’t even get a chance to hold you before they took you away.  Your daddy and I were so worried that we cried.  That was the most dramatic moment of our lives and we will always remember it.  I am so glad you turned out to be perfect!  Finally, you were released and came home on the 3rd day. The band-aid is still visible on your hand.


Ravi, 4 days old.

You began to walk without help at 12 months old.  You were the cutest boy in the world, but you didn’t eat.


Ravi at 1 year old.

When you turned 2 years old, mommy and daddy were getting ready to move into our new home and welcome another baby into our family.

Ravi at 2 years old.  Binky baby.

Ravi at 2 years old. Binky baby.

Ravi at 2 years old. Feed daddy on his spare time.

Ravi at 2 years old. Feed daddy in his spare time.

Ravi at 2 years old. Loves being carried by A-Pa.

Ravi at 2 years old. Loves being carried by A-Pa.

By three years of age, you became a capable and relatively self sufficient little boy.


Ravi at 3 years old. Happy baby.

And here we are, last week at your birthday celebration at school.  You are turning out to be more than I have ever wanted in a child, I am so proud of you and feel so blessed to be a part of your world.


Ravi at 4 years old.




Four years ago your mommy came in at 6:30am on my birthday and gave me my first present (which I don’t even remember now) and then told me that she was having contractions. What a way to start a birthday! We rushed to the hospital, and spent the day waiting for you to come out. We chose to not have you by cesarean initially and you were then born on the 5th. Four years ago, you were my birthday present and you have been the best birthday present ever! I can’t remember what I got years before, or after, but I can never forget you. You made my life have meaning and you are the best thing (besides mommy and your brother) that has ever happened to me.



Ravi’s Portraits

I have not posted many pictures of Ravi in the last few months.  This is mainly due to my pregnancy, at least I am going to blame it.  In all honesty, the “morning sickness” whacks me over the head during all hours of the day and leaves me tired and not wanting to move.  Good thing my dad helps watch Ravi on the weekends while Mario goes to school, and he takes some really good pictures of Ravi.  Last weekend, I got off my lazy ass and downloaded some pictures from his computer and camera.

Picture with grandpa and grandma, Ravi, and cousin Jo (in white) and Do (in black). Ravi was one year old in the picture.

My sister’s family came to visit for the first time after Ravi was born.  We had so much fun hanging out with cousins.  Grandpa took this opportunity to take tones of pictures with all his grand kids.

Ravi Crys, at 18 months of age.

This is when Ravi demanded to touch the camera lens and I refused.  He wanted to show me how devastating my decision had been for him.

Ravi's serious look. Ravi at 18 months.

I was surprised at how serious Ravi looked in this picture.  I believe I caught a rare moment that maybe Ravi didn’t even intend to show.  He had such powerful stare, I felt like it penetrated me.  I’ve always wondered how he would look like when he grows up and this gives me a hint of what’s to come.

Ravi Speaks. Ravi at 18 months of age.

Ravi talks a lot.  Back a few months ago, we had no idea what he was saying even though he was always saying something.  Now it is clear that he says more than we understood.  Ever once in a while, he would surprise us by throwing out couple of words that we do understand.

Ravi at 21 months of age.

This picture was taken yesterday (Sunday) while we waited for laundry to dry.  We had to change Ravi three times on Saturday because he kept getting really dirty while playing in the back yard, thus depleted our supply of clean cloths I packed for the weekend.  He kept wanting to play outside but we have no choice but to wait for cloth to get dry.  Looks like it is good time go give him a hair cut too.


Congratulations to Unkie O!!!

Last night Uncle Orlando shared some great news with us, and we are so thrilled!  I can’t express how proud and happy we are for him.  Mario and I looked back to this past year and all the adventures Uncle Orlando and Auntie Anu have had; we both felt they have come such a long way.  They have become so much stronger, capable, and daring for going through the last year. We never knew how much difference one year could make for anybody.

So we are dedicating this post to Uncle Orlando (aka Unkie O), Ravi’s favorite uncle!  I have been wanting to post a picture taken by Uncle Orlando for awhile now and this is the perfect occasion to share it with you.  This is one of our favorite pictures of Ravi, and we were thankful Uncle Orlando made Ravi looked so cute!  Good thing Uncle Orlando is a photographer on the side (

"I am ruggedly handsome! Check out the battle scar around my nose!"

P.S. Mario here: I just want to give a shout out to my brother and state how proud I am of him. In my eyes, the trials and tribulations he has overcome make him seem so much more capable than myself. I am inspired by my brother every day.  Breaking from my mold and doing something dangerous and adventurous has never been something I have wanted to do. My brother, on the other hand, has tried his hand at different things and has developed skills and capabilities that I just don’t have, because he was willing to take chances. I just want to say that my current scholarly pursuit is because of him and his example. I have seen how much more capable an MBA has made him and resolved to do the same. After all, if it’s good enough for Orlando, it’s good enough for me!