Ravi you are 6 years old today!

Ravi turned 6 years old in March. Oh boy has he grown.

He still loves his homemade chocolate milk first thing in the morning, and then some more when he gets home at night. Ravi gave me the vote of confidence the other day when he tasted some packaged chocolate milk, and instantly went “yuck!” Ravi is so attached to his chocolate milk that I often worry he would freak out during our vacations since they don’t make chocolate milk the same way I do. Though he complains, he still drinks it.

Ever since I introduced Nutella on toasted bread to Ravi when he was 2, it has been his meal staple. Ravi has had a very narrow taste pallet for many years and just in the last year were we able to introduce apple, carrots, broccoli into his diet. So when everything else fails, I will serve him Nutella on bread. Even to this day, I pack a Nutella sandwich for him every day as back up just in case the lunch they serve at school isn’t to his fancy.

He still loves his blanket. It is his must have companion to bed every evening. It is now so small compared to his size and frayed at the edges, with the bunnies barely visible to naked eyes. Ravi cherishes it so much. He often wraps it into a ball and gently cuddles or rubs it against his face. I often show him his new born picture with the same blanket wrapped around his little body and watch him giggle.

One item that has gained importance to Ravi’s life is his ipad. He lovingly calls it his ipaddy! I can’t keep track of how many times he has dropped it onto the floor; even the strongest shock resistant Otter Defender ipad case has been broken by him twice! Ever since last Christmas when Ravi watched his cousins play games on their devices, he has become addicted to ipad gaming. Initially he needed much help; soon he began to surpass master gamer, daddy, on games like Minion Rush. He is now able to be fully functional on his ipad. He looks up games in the Apps store (I don’t know how he does this since he is just learning words right now) and then requests us to down load them so he can play it. Before you know it, he has dozens of games to bounce around. More amazingly, he has learned to play multiple games without being able to understand most words and minimum guidance from us.

Ravi still has an affinity for Transformers. In fact, he has over half a dozen different Transformers games on his ipad to choose from. His favorite, Angry Birds Transformers, is one he opens up on a regular basis. Recently, he has gotten both Mommy and Daddy hooked on a game called monster legends. We now all play it and have fun together. He has also gotten old enough to play Gauntlet with his Daddy on the computer. It has been so much fun that even Maxie is into it these days.

Ravi still loves his scooter and is very adept at turning and going fast. We’ve gone to the playground and he has fun just zipping around on his scooter. He also likes to go for walks with his Daddy at the play area. Ravi and Daddy go around the park, holding hands and just talking. He seems to remember it from earlier and it is still a lot of fun for him. It is also wonderful to see Ravi walk everywhere now without having to sit in the stroller all the time. On our recent cruise, we had three land trips that involved about a mile of walking and he was able to handle it.

Ravi still likes to sleep in like his Dad. While Mommy and Maxie are early birds, with Max waking up as the Sun comes up, Ravi and his Dad are known for sleeping in really late. Just this last weekend they didn’t stir until noon! It seems you are shaping up to be a night owl just like your Dad.



Over the last year you have grown and developed an interest in games and gaming. It’s been fun playing computer games and ipad games with you. As you’ve gotten older, your ability to interact and have deep conversations and activities has also grown. We can see in the not too distant future that hanging out with you will be a lot of creative fun; mostly because you are a creative wild little boy that shares a lot of interests with your parents. Never stop learning and creating!


Mommy and Daddy.

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