Ravi’s 5 Yrs and Maxie’s 3 Yrs Check Up

In beginning of June, we paid our annual visit to Dr. Lerner of UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital for Ravi and Maxie’s annual visit.  Since Mario and I so rarely visit where we spent our early years of adulthood, we have always tried to make a day trip out of the doctor visits.  Fate did not fail us; everything turned out fabulously for this day.  Not only did we experience the lightest traffic possible under LA’s freeway conditions and devoured a dozen of cookies plus ice cream at the famed Diddy Riese, we were also told that the boys are in great health.  Just to knock it out of the park, we also found out that Ravi and Maxie have both experienced a significant growth spur.

Ravi’s growth has been relatively consistent up to this point, with height around 50% and weight oscillating from 10% to 25%.  Last year, Ravi’s measured 55% height, this year he dialed in at 81%; whereas his weight increased only slightly from 15% to 25%. Ravi is doing just fine and still has the possibility of being much taller than both of his parents!

Maxie on the other hand has always been a small boy.  Born three weeks early at 6.5 lbs, he is a whole one lb and a few ounces lighter than Ravi!  Throughout his first two years he’s been consistently one of the smaller kids in his class.  I had already made peace with the idea of him being a short guy when he is fully grown, but surprise, surprise!  Compared to last year’s 15% in height, Maxie has climbed dramatically to 65%, far beyond our expectation.  His weight also increased from 8% last year to 15%!  I don’t know why I didn’t notice it, Maxie has suddenly becoming too tall to rest comfortably in my lap.  His head used to rest slightly lower below my head, but now I have to shift my head to the side to accommodate his growing frame.  Suddenly it is possible for him to be as tall as Ravi.  Who knows what this year will bring.

A good day!  I will always remember it.




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