Ravi’s Transformer Creations

Ravi is an avid Lego builder and a huge fan of Transformers. Everything revolves around Optimus Prime and his best buddy Bumblebee. When we’re in the car we keep a lookout for both Autobots and Decepticons and wonder what cool mission are they up to in our neck of the woods.

Ravi also likes upgrades and changes to Autobot editions tremendously. He knows the G1 (Generation 1) models from the The Next Generation animated versions from the Dark of the Moon versions from the Age of Extinction versions. While he still won’t watch a live action Transformers movie because he’s too scared he does watch Youtube videos of the new toy models.

Up to a few months ago, we had annual passes to Legoland and we would go monthly. While the rides are okay, what we really used to go to Legoland was for the Adventure Room and the Lego Builders Room. The Adventure Room was a cool walk through attraction that both Ravi and Max fell in love with. The Lego Builders Room is a free space area with basic Legos for kids to build whatever they imagined and a small display area on the side for you to put your creations. It also had a small shop of free Legos that Ravi searched through every trip. It still amazes me that what Ravi (and Max to a minor extent) really wanted to do with their trip to Legoland was to build Lego creations and pick up a couple of cool pieces for their home collection. Almost every trip to Legoland included a couple of hours in the Lego Builders Room.

It is also not far fetched to see Ravi not only want to collect every Optimus Prime toy created, but to also want to build his own cool Optimus Primes with Legos. Below are a couple of his recent creations. It’s also wonderful to see how young kids’ creativity isn’t limited by earlier preconceptions.




No matter how old you get, don’t ever stop creating and inventing.


Love Dad.



Infiltrator Optimus (for those secret stealth missions)!


Trailer Optimus Prime (for heavy duty missions).


Battle Convoy Bumblebee (he’s upgraded to tow tons of equipment to take out heavily fortified Decepticon bases!)



Trailer Optimus, Battle Convoy Bumblebee, and Infiltrator Optimus.



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