Another Little Accident

We spent the weekend with my parents as usual.  On Saturday, they scheduled to have workers come in to install the window treatments.  In order to get ready for them, my parents tried to clean up as much dust and dirty left behind on the windows and screens by previous renovation team.  So it was a busy time for both of my parents that morning.

I took on the responsibility of watching Ravi.  Nothing new, been there and done that millions of times before.  After Ravi got tired to playing in the backyard, I followed him to the front of the house where grandpa was washing the window screens.  I must only took my eye off of Ravi for a few seconds to check out my dad’s work, then suddenly I heard a cry.  Ravi had fell into a bucket of water and hit his face on the rim.  There was water in the bucket, and I am sure he tried to reach it and slipped.  He cried and cried.  I picked him up and took him inside.  Initially there wasn’t anything of concern, just a bruise on his noise ridge.  Then I saw a tiny little drip of blood coming out of the corner of his eye.  I was scared for a second, but then I realized that he’s eyes were fine.  There was a cut on the side of his eye.  I tried my best to dab a clean cotton ball to clean it and just left it as it was.

Another scare!  After a few minutes Ravi doesn’t remember the accident anymore and started to look out for more things to play with.  He didn’t let the wound hold him back at all.  After all the work got done, grandpa and grandma came and check on him too and regretted that we didn’t all watch him closer.  So we spent the rest of the weekend watching him like a hawk with three pairs of eyes.

Ravi Fell Down the Stairs

I can’t believe I let Ravi fall down the stairs!  I feel like such a bad mother.

It happened the night before we left Albany.  I saw Ravi playing by the stairs.  Normally I would run over and physically block him from going near the steps, but that night I didn’t and thought that he would not dare to attempt going down without anyone watching him.  I was wrong!  I saw him fall down like 15 steps of wooden stairs!  My heart broke.  I regretted immediately not getting up to stop him.  I was thankful that Mario didn’t give me any harsh words, I felt so guilty at that point already.

The fall resulted in another big bump on his head.  This time cannot be seen by naked eyes since it is covered by his hair.  It also faded away after only 2 days.  Thank goodness the evidence is gone!

Ravi Goes Bonk Bonk

Albany has a beautiful outdoor environment.  From spacious lawns and tree-lined backyards to expansive parks close by in the neighborhood, this place inspired us to spend more time out doors.  The great thing about my sister’s neighborhood is the large number of kids close to Ravi’s age.  Within the circular cul-de-sac, there are four other little kids under the age of four that we can play with.  Sometimes older kids like cousins Do and Jo join in as well.

Ravi is not a steady walker.  What I noticed more and more is that he lacks balance, and he slides his feet rather than lifting them while walking.  This is usually not a problem when walking on grass or street with smooth surface.  It has become a bigger problem now, because he gets very excited every time we leave my sister’s house to go play with the neighbors.  He would runs without holding anybody’s hand, and bonk, he falls down.  Most of time he would cushion his fall with his little arms and hands, but two days ago, he hit his head on the gravel.  I saw him fall, I heard the loud bonk, I knew we were in trouble, then wwaaaahhhhhh!!!

This resulted in a quarter size bruise above his right eyebrow, in addition to the bruise he scored on his left cheek a couple of days ago during his late night rampage.

I keep worrying about people thinking we abuse him at home, like beat him up with a baseball bat when he doesn’t want to eat his dinner.  Come on, we are not that kind of people.  Besides, we’ve already decided to keep him when his return policy expired a while back.  We wanted his face to look good with a brand new fall/winter wardrobe that we will debut.  At least he doesn’t remember the fall anymore.  Just in case he does, mommy can kiss kiss his booboo to make it all better.