Welcome to Our New Site!

Hello friends,

We couldn’t wait to let all of you know that we got a new site!  Thanks to our wonderful and talented sister-in-law Anu F., this site went from idea to fruition in just two days!  However, this site is still under construction.  In the coming weeks, we plan to clean up each old post, play around with the appearance and layout.

I hope you will be patient with us for a while, we promise this site will be much better than our old site in no time.  In the meantime, please page mark our new site and let us know if you have any suggestions or comments.  We would be very happy to hear from you.

We also got new email addresses (isn’t this just so cool?!):



-Better Than Chocolate

New Blog Category

When Mario and I decided to start this blog, we didn’t have aspirations for it to make it to the big time.  Though we have hoped that it will reach an audience further than our own circle, it was intended first and foremost to better ourselves, to organize our thoughts, improve our writing ability, and of course record all the wonderful things that’s happening in our lives due to the addition of Ravi.

We struggled as to what topics to include and exclude from this blog.  We initially intended to have a cohesive approach, only blog about baby and baby related topics.  Hide the financial matters, ourselves, or anything else we are passionate about.  Well, I stepped over the boundary a couple of times (How NOT to Apologize, and other unreleased posts), and I LOVE IT!!!  So to make our blogging experience more enjoyable, we’ve decided to give this blog all we’ve got and write about all things that energize our lives.

The first category we want to add is “From a Father to His Son.” Its a collection of one sided virtual conversations Mario has with his baby boy.  Because Ravi is too young to understand, we want to capture all of Mario’s thought on this blog so that someday daddy can repeat them to Ravi and show how much he loves him.  All I can say is I read a couple of his drafts and was floored by the love between the lines. As time goes on and Mario’s rambling musings branch out we reserve the right to try and categorize his thoughts into categories.