Cousins Are Coming to Visit!

Last time Ravi played with his cousins, Do and Jo, was when we visited my sister and her family in Albany, NY, back last September.  Ravi was only 18 months old then.  Even though his cousins are much older than him, they had a great time playing together.  Since we came back, we have missed them terribly and often talked about seeing them again.  At last!  They are coming to visit this summer!  In fact, they will be here in 11 days!  We can hardly wait.

Just to show everyone how much fun they had together, here’s a cute little video of them sharing candies.



Ah… Such wonderful cousins Do and Jo are!




Forever Young

I don’t celebrate birthdays, not openly anyway.  This is because in my wacky book of wisdom, there’s a page where it says that if a birthday is not celebrated then it is never passed.  So loyally following my book of wisdom, I guard my birthday as a secret and never told a soul.

Despite my secrecy, I still received emails, cards, and gifts from friends and family.  Here I would like to thank them all for their kindness.. I love them and keep them coming please.  This year I received a special gift very close to my heart….

Self Portrait by Velocity H P, 10 Years Old

Self Portrait by Velocity H P, 10 Years Old

Self Portrait by Joule L P, 7 Years Old

Self Portrait by Joule L P, 7 Years Old

Thank you both so much!  I love your art, I love you and miss you very much.